Ten Point Crossbows Maintenance

By: - Hunting - July 4, 2011
ten point crossbows maintenance

If you own a Ten Point Crossbow, you already know how much fun it is to shoot.  But to keep it in top condition, you need to do some routine maintenance.   Just a few simple steps will keep your Ten Point Crossbow in top drawer shooting condition.

Wax the String
First, you need to keep the string and cables waxed.   Ten Point Crossbows makes their own branded bowstring wax, or you can use another quality brand.  You need to apply it at the beginning of each season, or about every 75 to 100 shots if you shoot a lot. Put a good amount of wax on both the string and the cables.  Then run your fingers firmly up and down the string and cables; this will help melt the wax into them.  Don’t get any wax on the serving, however, as that will interfere with the action of the trigger box.

Overall Lubrication
When it comes to overall lubrication of your Ten Point Crossbow, experts suggest you use Microlon Lubricant, which is made by Ten Point Crossbows specifically for their bows.  Begin by putting on drop of Microlon on each side of the flight rail and rubbing it in, working from the riser all the way back to the trigger box and on both sides of the rail. Don’t ever use a petroleum jelly type product for this part of the process.  These products can get gummy, which will interfere with the action of the trigger box and ruin the serving on the string.  And don’t over-oil the flight rail.  That, too, can gum up your serving and damage it. Now, lubricate the trigger box.  Put one drop of Microlon on each side of the safety slide window, one drop on the trigger latch, and one drop on the dry fire inhibitor (DFI).  Manipulate all the parts to let the oil penetrate.  You also need to put a drop of Microlon on each exposed bolt to protect them all from the weather, and to both axles to be sure they move smoothly every time you draw your Ten Point Crossbow.

Caring For the ACUdraw Unit
Just as you waxed your string and cables, you also need to wax the cord of the ACUdraw Unit.  Put the wax on the cord and rub it in with your fingers.  Inspect the cord for any signs of wear or damage from use.  If you see any, do not use it; you need to send your bow back to Ten Point Crossbows to have it replaced.  Put just a little oil around the pinion gear on which you put the crank, and a single drop on the inside of each front hole where the cord of the ACUdraw Unit runs.
If your ACUdraw Unit ever gets exposed to rain or snow, you need to do a little extra maintenance on it at the time.  Take off the covers and dry it out.  Spray it with a little WD-40 to drive out any moisture, and then re-lubricate it according to the instructions above.

Replacing Expendable Parts
;There are a couple of parts you need to replace from time to time.  One is the battery in your scope.  If you’re using a scope made by Ten Point Crossbows, you’ll need a watch battery #2032. You also need to replace the string every three to four years years, depending on how often you shoot.  If you have a recurve model, you can change the string yourself using a restringing tool and following the directions that are in the owner’s manual.   If you have another model, you’ll need to take it to a Ten Point Crossbows dealer to have the string changed.

Like a fine firearm, a Ten Point Crossbow will last many years if you take care of it.  All it takes is a bit of maintenance and you’ll keep hunting with it for a long time.