Tasco Rifle Scopes And A Big Buck On The Wall

By: - Hunting - July 17, 2011
tasco rifle scopes and a big buck on the wall

He came just at dusk, a big buck slipping quietly through the trees.  I had known he was there for a while, but I just hadn’t been able to connect with him.  Then a week ago I finally had seen him, and had even had a shot at him……almost.  But the rifle scope I had on my Remington didn’t have enough light gathering capability and even though he was standing broadside to me in the last light of evening, I couldn’t see him well enough through the scope to get a good shot.

Taking a Look at Tasco

That’s when I resolved to try out one of the new Tasco rifle scopes I’d been reading about.  I’d looked at them before, and I knew that Tasco rifle scopes prices are lower than some of the premium brands, but that they have a reputation of having really good light gathering capability.

I did some research and settled one of the Tasco rifle scopes in the Pronghorn line.  They all have a ten percent greater field of view than most comparable scopes, and the Tasco rifle scopes prices on the Pronghorns are as economical as they are on the rest of the brand.

Setting Up

After I got the new scope on my .25-06, I sighted it in and planned for an evening when I knew I could get to the woods early.  I was pretty sure the buck was coming to my rye patch consistently at the very last light, and I wanted to be in position in plenty of time so I didn’t spook him.

I climbed up into my oak tree about 4 PM.  I had a nice platform up there, with a railing around it and a comfortable chair.  The only problem was the weather.  Even in January, the weather in north Florida can be warm, and I was plagued by mosquitoes.  I kept trying to brush them away with a minimum of movement, but I was really afraid I wasn’t going to see the buck I had come to think of as “mine.”

A Successful Hunt

Just before dark the temperature finally dropped enough for the mosquitoes to settle down and I could be still.  And then…..there he was.  I wasn’t sure how many tines there were on his head, but enough.

He came straight toward me in the gathering dusk, and I put the crosshairs in the middle of the white patch on his chest.  But I really didn’t want that shot, I held my breath, hoping he would turn.

And he did.  He turned and stood broadside and stopped walking for just a moment, and that was all I needed.  He was meat in the freezer. And although he was missing a brow tine, he was a beautiful seven point that was worth putting on the wall.

Afterwards I paced it off.  He really was close to me; it was a 60-yard shot.  Not a long shot, but one I couldn’t make with the rifle scope I had had on the gun.  I was glad I’d taken the time to research the Tasco rifle scopes, and glad the Tasco rifle scopes prices fit into my budget.

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