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By: - Pets - May 26, 2011
tarantula facts

If you are thinking about buying a rose hair tarantula then there are some tarantula facts that you need to know about. Firstly, this type of tarantula may come under many different names, including the Chilean rose, Chilean flame, Chilean fire, Chilean red-haired and Chilean rose hair.  In fact, they are quite often kept as pets and are the most popular tarantula seen in most pet stores.

The rose hair tarantula can live up to twenty years in age, but proper care and handling are mandatory or they will not survive captivity or at the best, live much longer than anticipated.

Most tarantula facts that you find may tell you more about how to build a home based habitat for them, versus giving you an overall picture.  It is important to understand that these furry creatures hailed from high in the mountains areas of Chile, Argentina and Bolivia, normally burrowing beneath the ground.  However, when they are kept as pets they stop their burrowing nature and only come out at night when it is dark and quiet.

If you are going to have a tarantula of this type as a pet, you have to provide an ample supply of cockroaches, mealworms, moths, locusts, grasshoppers and crickets as they are carnivores.  You should get live crickets preferably and feed them on a steady diet of vegetables and varied greens because they carry their food in their gut for some time and are far more nutritious for the tarantula with a full gut.  However, you should only provide one meal a week to the tarantula as they normally go that long without eating anyway.  If your tarantula is looking dehydrated or thin though, more frequent feedings may be needed. If there is any left over food you should remove it within a day to prevent your tarantula’s tank from smelling.  Plus, some of the insects used for food, if not eaten, will either die and be ignored or may attack the tarantula when it is molting, even eating the tarantula alive, which can damage its exoskeleton or kill it.  Be prepared for your tarantula to grow substantially when it eats, sometimes doubling in size!

Some other tarantula facts that you need to know about your rose hair tarantula is how it mates.  Generally, if you introduce a male for mating, you have to wait about 2 months before putting it in with a female.  When she finally is approached and mating takes place, she will produce an massive egg sac, containing approximately five hundred baby spiders.  However, the male spider will die after this and should be removed from the tank.  Unless you want to sell baby tarantulas, avoid the mating process completely.  If you have a male, you might not have him for long if you allow him to mate.

Photo: rose hair tarantula – public domain photo, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Grammostola_rosea_Chilian_Rose_Hair_Tarantula.jpg

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