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Balancing Practicality And Fashion

By: - Shoes - July 14, 2011
taos shoes balancing practicality and fashion

Taos Shoes has a concept of balance that is reflected in the shoes that they make for women with great looks and feelings of comfort.  They intrigue their customers with unique designs and natural colors that are intricately stitched, playfully embroidered, buckled ruggedly, have earthy type tones and use fabrics that are made from natural materials and generally kept looking natural.  All these things lend themselves to the inspiration behind what makes people buy Taos shoes.  In fact, many people find the inspirations coming from natural environments such as watercolors, natural gems, warming sunsets and the naturalness found within nature.

Taos shoes are interesting and attractive, presenting a beauty that is not only about appearance, but the attention to detail that the company shoemakers are lovingly using.  Whether it is a sandal of leather or a shoe for kicking around in for fun, the embroidered details, Gladiator style attraction and simple elegance are varied according to the needs of the wearer to emply fun styling and complete comfort.  Their designers have sacrificed not a single thing to ensure that the shoes are not only comfortable, beautiful and affordable, but so well made that they are designed to last.  When you buy a pair of Taos shoes the charms and color schemes can be easily matched with a casual or dressy outfit, accentuated by other accessories for the perfect outfit.  The uppers are made of natural materials like leather and allow your feet to breathe properly.  The beds of the soles are constructed in such a way that they are firm, supportive and good for your back and posture.  Their super cushioning technology works with the rubber of the outer soles to absorb shocks and remain durable through all types of weather.

Taos Shoes are specially molded for the perfect fit.  The uppers are made of soft, thick and grainy leather that stretches appropriately to your personal foot shape.  In fact, unlike many shoes, their uppers can be adjusted with buckles, ties and Velcro strapping to ensure the maximum level of comfort needed.  No matter how many pairs you need, when you buy Taos shoes, you are guaranteed quality shoes that stand the test of time, endure rigorous use and are easy to clean and care for.  Soles are not hollow and last for years.  Uppers are stitched according to traditional techniques making them stronger and long lasting.  Even the materials used for the main shoes are so high in quality that ripping, tearing and even general wear and tear will have a hard time in breaking them down to the point of having to be discarded.  When you buy their shoes the chances are that you will have them for many years and even when you finally have to replace them, the money saved on such quality will assure you that you will spend less over the long term and enjoy healthier feet and posture as well.

Photo: grainy leather and leather tools for making shoes – public domain photo – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Leathertools.jpg