Tanning Beds And Skin Cancer

Risk Of Death?

By: - Medicine - August 30, 2011
tanning beds and skin cancer risk of death

When thinking about tanning beds, it is important to think about tanning beds and skin cancer. Research has shown for years that tanning in a tanning bed can and will cause skin cancer. The largest research project ever conducted comparing tanning beds and skin cancer occurrences shows that those who regularly tan had a 74% higher risk of developing melanoma, the most common type of skin cancer, than those who have never tanned. Done over several years and completed in 2010, this study, done at the University of Minnesota, also shows that each year, about 70,000 Americans are diagnosed with melanoma.

Tanning beds effects can be quite frightening.  Many people believe that using quick beds or spending less time in a tanning bed is perfectly safe.  This is not correct. In fact, they can be even worse for you than a regular tanning bed session.  People also believe tanning in a bed is safer than tanning outdoors in the sun. Again, this is false.  Tanning in a bed exposes your skin to 50% more dangerous UV rays than you get from the sun. In addition to what they do to the skin, tanning bed effects on the eyes can be dangerous too. Though glasses and goggles are provided, many people do not wear them and your vision can be greatly affected from the UV rays as well. Some people have even suffered from blindness.

Other tanning beds effects can include premature aging, sagging skin, staph infections and they can also spread sexually transmitted diseases.  These beds are notoriously dirty and even though you may personally clean them, it doesn’t mean everyone does and it doesn’t mean every bacterium is gone. Burns from tanning beds are also commonly reported and the burns are much more serious than regular sunburn. These burns can also become infected leading to dangerous conditions like sepsis, which is a blood infection.

The main areas of the skin where cancer begins is the face and on the trunk of the body. Tanning beds can also cause low immune systems. Any unusual marks or bumps on the skin should be checked out by a doctor as soon as possible. Tanning beds and skin cancer is a deadly combination that can be stopped with a bit of common sense.  If you want a tan, there are spray tans that are, so far, thought to be safe for the skin. Being smart about your skin can help you live longer, remain healthy and avoid becoming a statistic of cancer.