Tanning Bed Bulbs

Finding The Right One

By: - Skin Care - July 20, 2011
tanning bed bulbs finding the right one

You’re giving serious consideration into the purchase of a tanning salon style bed for your home or your business.  The large misconception that many that aren’t familiar with the sun tanning industry is that you simply buy the product, install it and you’re ready to go.  This isn’t recommended for a range of reasons.  When considering the purchase of a tanning bed, it boils down to the individual and their relationship with tanning bed bulbs.

Naturally, you want to get the most from your tanning bed and you need to have the right bulb for the right tan that you want.  Lets discuss the basics of tanning bed bulbs.  Obviously, first of all, read the manufacturers specification and recommendations.  Typically, the lifespan of the average tanning bed bulb is for at the minimum of one thousand hours.   The effectiveness of tanning bed bulbs begin to wane though and if you want to maintain a high output for a quality tan that won’t take progressively longer as the lifespan of the bulb continues, you may wish to change your tanning bed bulb a little more frequently than manufacturers recommendations.  As per the industry practice, a change of tanning bed bulbs every six hundred to eight hundred ours is ideal if you want to see faster results and quality output of your tanning bed bulb.  Don’t be deceived into believing that the bulb is still great for use after a prolonged time in use.  Even after about ten thousand hours, many bulbs retain their brightness, but it is the end result that you want.  It will take progressively longer to achieve that tanned look with an older tanning light bulb than with a new one, so make certain that you monitor the lifespan of the tanning bed bulb.

Knowing what you want in a tan for either yourself or your clients is a must, as varying sizes and strengths of tanning bed bulbs are available on the market.  It isn’t a one size fits all matter whatsoever.  Different skin textures and differing desires in levels of tanning are large factors and you should have the right bulb to meet the requirement.  Changing a tanning bed bulb doesn’t require specialist skills, and other than knowing what kind of tanning bed bulb you want, changing is as simple as unscrewing the existing bulb from the soffit and replacing it with the new.  Simple as ever, but maintain an eye toward what kind of tanning bed bulb you’re installing and for what kind of effect. After the successful installation of the bulb into your tanning bed, make sure to maintain the level of cleanliness and effectiveness of the tanning bed bulbs at all times as per the manufactures specifications that come with the tanning bed bulbs.

Don’t be daunted by the availability of the many kinds of bulbs on the market and by the number of suppliers either.  Do the research on the best product available for your needs and its safety standards prior to purchase.  In the case of personal health and safety with high output, it isn’t always so wise to compromise on price for a compromise on safety.  You may have to purchase your tanning bed bulbs for a higher price but that can many times guarantee safety and deliverance of a high quality product.  Buying a more expensive quality product will enable you to save money in the long term rather than buying cheap but having to buy with regularity to keep the same effect.  The primary bulb used in the home tanning industry today is the F71 bulbs that have metal pins extending out on either end.  Frequently they are utilized by those that don’t tan as often and when they do, they do with lower frequency in light output.  Those that are the opposites, the high user, deep tanner uses the F59 bulb that has a strength of 160 watts, and are more commonly found in tanning salons where the beds are under constant use.

Tanning bed bulbs are effective at providing you with that ideal tan, however they command respect.  Therefore, use the tanning beds responsibly and keep a vigil on the safety of your eyes and skin.  Typically, about twenty minutes per session with the correct eyewear will provide you a safe return on your investment and treat your bed as though you were outside in the sun.

No matter what your desired look, there is a tanning bed bulb for it.  There are bulbs specifically used to tan the face, and others that provide for a deep golden look in a short period of time as in the RUVA bulb.  They are more costly but deliver a high output for your dollar in a minimal period of time.  The VHO bulbs are considered extremely high output tanning bed bulbs and they usually come in either 140 watt or 160 watt strengths and need their own specific form of specialized electronics to operate for those that have a golden tan and want to keep the consistenly going.  Skin type matters for the kind of tan that you want.  Ideally the HO, (or high output bulbs) are for those that have darker skin tones or fair skin color.

So you can see, there are many kinds of tanning bed bulbs available and it isn’t always just a one size fits all matter.  Know your skin and know what kind of tanning bed bulb you’ll need.  Knowing the product and how it relates to you or your clientele will ensure that no matter what kind of tanning bed bulbs you have, the right one will be used to deliver the right tan to the right person.

Photo: tanning bed bulb – public domain photo – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Tanninglamp.jpg