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By: - Photography - May 27, 2011
tamrac camera bags

Tamrac camera bags are not a new concept, having begun as a popular camera bag back in the 1970s.  However, when it comes to getting the ultimate for your equipment, most digital SLR camera bags are pretty standard.  This one, of course, is a true exception, designed for outdoor photographers, ranging from the hopeful amateur to the finely tuned professional.  These bags are so tough that the protection they offer highly sensitive equipment is second to none.  They are the easiest bag to carry, allowing their owners quick access to their camera equipment for the capture of some of the world’s most memorable wildlife and landscape photos.

From the high peaks in Yosemite to the desolate and barren landscapes in Death Valley, the Tamrac camera bags withstand even the toughest conditions.  For about twenty years, the bags have been reputed for their legendary workmanship, combining quality sewing with engineered hardware, threads and the finest of materials. The bags are designed to carry varied types of camera equipment, including lenses, camera bodies, flashes, tripods, flash equipment, umbrellas, filters, meters and so much more, but they were also designed with convenience in mind.  As any good photographer knows, timing is everything when focusing on wildlife and landscapes.  Lighting changes by the second.  Animals move.  The bags have to meet high priority objectives for individual needs under fair to extreme conditions, providing functionality every step of the way.

Tamrac camera bags and their specific digital SLR camera bags are innovative.  Patented in the US, the bags include support, divider, tuck-a-way, belt, rolling, clip, sliding pocket, rain, lens and total coverage systems.  When a photographer opens one of their bags they know exactly where to find everything.  Each lens is visible.  Each camera body is dry and dust-free.  Each filter and filter holder is carefully stored away and just within easy access in tiny pockets that hang down within the bag.  Even cleaning equipment can be tucked away in easy, zippered side pockets before being sealed up from the elements.  These bags are even good enough to protect the equipment, film and digital recordings from harmful rays when going through customs.  No longer is travelling abroad an issue.  Best of all, the bags are easy to open, so much so that less time is wasted when going through customs, making the photographers’ lives easier, as well as those of officials.

The bags may have been designed for digital SLR cameras and equipment, but they can still handle the old SLR set ups.  Even old camera bodies and heavier lenses are easily catered to within these bags.  What more could an aspiring or worldly photographer ask for?

Photo: camera equipment waiting to be bagged up – copyright 2008 Mdf; reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 3.0

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