Sweet Potato Vine Growing - Care For It Correctly

Sweet Potato Vine Growing – Care For It Correctly

By: - Gardening - September 19, 2011
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Growing a sweet potato vine is a simple and easy step into the world of gardening. You will be able to start your vine in the comfort of your own home and transplant it outside when the time is right. Planting a sweet potato vine is usually done in the spring and you will plant the small pieces of vine that grow right from the eye of the potato.

Once you have a sweet potato vine planted into the ground, you will need to learn sweet potato vine care. These plants are almost care free actually and there is not much you need to do in order to tend to them. The one thing you will have to do when it comes to sweet potato vine care is to get them out of the ground before the first frost hits in your area. There are different zones in the US and Canada, so knowing what zone you live in will help you to determine when you should dig up your sweet potatoes.

Keep in mind that just because you dig up your potatoes doesn’t mean you have to eat them. In fact, it is likely that the tubers are quite small if this is your first year with them and they probably aren’t too much to eat. You can take them, plant, tuber and all, and put them in a cardboard box at a cool temperature, between 50 and 60 degrees. A cool corner of the basement may be great. You can replant them in the spring once the last frost has happened.

Another thing you should remember about sweet potato vine care is that they may need some watering if Mother Nature has not done it herself. This is usually not much a chore and most people can find the time to water a few plants.  You may also be surprised when growing a sweet potato plant that you may get beautiful flowers of all the colors of the rainbow growing right from you plant. Many people plant these vines as decorative additions to their gardens as well as, of course, for the sweet potatoes they can grow. The flowers are gorgeous and even the leaves may be anywhere from light green to dark purple or black, depending on the type of plant you have.

As you can see, growing and caring for sweet potatoes is quite easy and you don’t have to have a really green thumb in order to get the job done.