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By: - Recreation & Sports - June 6, 2011
surefire x300

What makes the Surefire x300 worth getting? Well, this Surefire x300 review may help you learn more about this suppressor to decide if it is really what you need or if you should be getting something else.  It can also help you determine if it matches up against other suppressors in its price range.

The Surefire x300 has varied specifications.  As part of the Surefire x300 review, it is important to understand what the output and run time are of this sophisticated gun gadget.  Output wise, the suppressor can give off up to one hundred and seventy lumens of light, running for almost two and a half hours.  The beam should extend almost four metres and cover a width of about one point forty-five inches or a diameter of about an inch.  Most importantly it only weighs in at three point eight ounces, making it extremely light weight and enabling you to use your gun without having to recalculate any trajectory things due to additional weight loads.  And that is with batteries!  On the topic of batteries, the Surefire takes two of the 123a variety.

The suppressor is designed to give you high-efficiency because its beam is internally reflected, creating a much tighter beam that reaches further and works ideally as a peripheral tool.  Because it uses an LED, it there is no filament and thus it cannot break easily or burn out.  It creates a light that has tactical uses, strong enough to be used by the military, but safe enough to protect hunters in the woods at night from mistaking each other for wild beasts and shooting someone by accident.  Its aerospace influenced design and construction resists corrosion and is known for its toughness.  The special locking type system allows easy attachment to most railing systems.  Though the Surefire 300 was made mainly for handguns, as this Surefire x300 review has revealed, with a special attachment, it can be used on longer guns and thus another reason why it is ideal for hunting.  However, regardless of how much better it beam is, safety rules when hunting or using your gun must still be adhered to because safety takes priority over anything else, right?

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