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By: - Recreation & Sports - June 6, 2011
surefire suppressor

Are you ready to upgrade your gun that you use at your gun club? Do you want to avoid the damaging affects associated with the noise of most guns and simply put your health above the big man sounds of a firing gun? If so, getting yourself a Surefire suppressor could be the right move.  You may even want to try out their latest, light weight model, the Surefire x400.

Whether you choose to buy the Surefire x400, or another suppressor from the Surefire suppressor range, you are guaranteed quality and value for your money.  The x400 for example, has what many believe to be an instant and very tactical advantage over other suppressors.  Its beam is very powerful, packing in seventeen hundred lumen.  Accuracy is no longer an issue with a five mW laser in red.  Regardless of whether you are on the shooting range, or ambling around on a hunting trip, the lens does not need to suffer damage or dampness because of poor coverage; you x400 has a lens cover created by Pyrex that does not fall off so easily.  Best of all, all of the suppressors by Surefire are completely waterproof.

Because of the lightness of the Surefire suppressor, you stand an advantage in competitions and the beam for the light is so bright that you will not have to search around for a flashlight to catch glimpse of a deer when hunting.  Before the animal has time to react, you can get yourself a good catch.  Most interestingly, the lens is easy to focus and the range is such that it is impossible to mistake an animal for a person or vice versa, adding a increase in safety that you need when hunting with friends.  Even the cover can take a fair few knocks, designed normally for military use, the lens cover is tough and shock-proof.  Most importantly, if you are into hunting through wetter areas, the o-rings on the cap seal the lens tightly.  In addition, your suppressor, even the Surefire x400, has adjustability in its screws, meaning that no matter how big the recoil, you will not get caught easily in the kick back as the gun fires.

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