Sunbeam Breadmaker Makes Bread Baking At Home Easy

By: - Cooking - June 24, 2011
sunbeam breadmaker makes bread baking at home easy

The Sunbeam breadmaker allows bread lovers to bake fresh bread at home. Many people often enjoy the smell and taste of fresh baked bread at the bakery.

The Sunbeam bread maker gives the same effect in a compact machine that has many features and is made of good quality material. Many people who make bread may opt to use a conventional oven but some say using a bread making machine is a big help in making quality bread.

The Sunbeam breadmaker comes with many features with its latest model baking 2 pound loaves. The machine has 12 cooking functions and a non-stick removable baking pan. The machine is equipped with an easy-clean touch control panel and 3 shade selections. Bread bakers have the option to bake a 1 ½ loaf of bread or a 2 pound loaf.

The Sunbeam break maker 12 cooking functions include different baking styles such as basic, French, sandwich, whole wheat, quick and sweet to name a few. The removable baking pan can be washed by hand to protect its non-stick coated surface.

Those who enjoy bread baking may also enjoy the free recipes that come along with the product. The machine comes with an instruction guide that can also be downloaded online through Sunbeam’s website. The bread machine measures approximately 14 by 19 by 13-1/2 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty. The Sunbeam bread maker is affordable and easy to use with many customers giving the machine positive reviews. Many stores carry the Sunbeam bread maker and it is available online for ordering.

Many customers who have purchased the machine feel it is a great investment and perfect for someone who is new to bread making since the machine is easy to use. Many customers say they enjoy using the Sunbeam breadmaker’s dough cycle for making pizza, bagels and sourdough. Customers have also mentioned they feel the price they paid was good for the quality. Depending on where you buy the machine either online or in the store, prices will vary but are usually well under $100.

There have been a few negative reviews for the Sunbeam bread maker depending on personal experiences with the product. Some felt it didn’t cook the dough well enough or they had operating issues. Overall the product has gotten over 400 positive reviews and many happy customers who enjoy using their machine all year round to create delicious home baked goods that everyone in the family can enjoy.