Stretch Marks On Breasts - Causes Effects And Remedies

Stretch Marks On Breasts – Causes, Effects And Remedies

By: - Pregnancy - August 25, 2011
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If you have suffered pregnancy stretch marks, you may have even suffered stretch marks on breasts.  However, you may not notice these until years later, as you age and/or if you lose a substantial amount of weight.  The fact is that the causes of such marks on your breasts are not necessarily caused by pregnancy and there are many factors that affect the severity of those marks.  Most importantly, there are remedies that you can use, but keep in mind that those marks are permanent.  So can you hide them enough without the use of makeup?

If you have stretch marks on breasts, even if these came with or without pregnancy stretch marks, the issue is that shared by most women.  Most will learn to adapt to their presence, even find ways to cope with them, but as harmless as this type of scarring is, it can have a negative impact on how you view yourself.  Because your breasts are an important part of you, not just for breastfeeding, but for mating, you may want to learn more about how these marks occur, prevention methods and even what remedies you can use.  Cause-wise, regardless of your health condition, your skin has been overstretched because it is one of the many areas where high deposits of body fat can be found, creating what is in essence a tear in the fat deposit that shows up underneath your skin.  The most damaging effects will be on how you view yourself and what you feel comfortable doing and wearing, but this does not have to be this way.  So, what can you do to cope and what remedies are on hand?

When it comes to stretch marks on breasts and pregnancy stretch marks remedies, prevention is always the best first step.  Whether you prevent unnecessary weight gain and rapid weight loss, or manage your pregnancy weight increase by keeping your skin moist and using vitamin E oil, you can only prevent such marks to a certain degree, but most importantly you may be able to prevent them from looking bad, creating a barely visible scarring that most will never notice unless you point them out.  As far as remedies are concerned, they are no different to that of more serious scarring treatments.  You can reduce the redness or other colouration, even hedge off keloid and other hypertrophic issues, but if you are going to use a scar treatment cream, never be conned into believing that you can cure your scars as this is simply impossible.  Invest in the best creams that are recommended by your doctor for surgery level scarring, but do not expect miracles, just a gradual fading of your scars.  Better still, if you are pregnant, begin treating your scars before they become grossly out of proportion.

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