Step Aerobics Routines

An Excellent Way To Maintain Health

By: - Exercise - June 9, 2011
step aerobics routines

Aerobics has long been recognized as a fast and effective method for losing weight and maintaining a healthy physique.  Step aerobics routines are the newest evolution of aerobics workouts, maximizing the lower body strengthening and caloric burning effectiveness of aerobic exercise.   Step aerobics routines follow the same standards as traditional aerobics except that the entire routine is arranged around a step that you mount repeatedly throughout the workout.  Not only is this an easy and inexpensive way to exercise, it doesn’t take up a lot of room, can be done in your own home and provides the same fat burning benefits as cardiovascular exercise.
Aerobics DVDs have enjoyed enormous popularity in recent history due to the fact that they can be used over and over again, in the privacy of your own home, without needing to pay for an instructor or a class.  Step aerobics dvds are also gaining in popularity, particularly considering how busy people today have become.  It’s difficult for many people in today’s society to find the extra time it takes to drive to and from a gym to participate in a class.  The convenience of aerobics dvds allows a person to get in their daily fitness routine before or after work or any time that is convenient to them, without having to squeeze an arbitrarily scheduled class into their week.
DVD’s that are produced around step aerobics routines are available for all age groups, fitness levels and skill levels.  There are three basic steps to aerobics routines.  Once you have mastered them, you can mix and match them into your own routines.  They are as follows:

A-step (this is the basic step you must master in for any aerobics routine)

Outside of these are several other steps you can learn after you’ve mastered the first three:

Basic Step
Split step
Corner knee
Repeater knee
Over the top
Straddle down

The routines found on step aerobics dvds are a wonderful, challenging way to tone your body and maintain your health.  If you’re interested in toning you upper body as well, you can add in hand weights and get your arms moving along with the music as well as your feet.  Step aerobics are considered high-impact exercise so if you have trouble with your knees and ankles, they may not be the ideal exercise for you.
This type of exercise can eventually work nearly all muscles in your body at one point or another, and as such, provides an overall workout that is particularly beneficial for toning as well as losing weight.

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