Steel Cut Oats Nutrition Facts

What Is There To Know?

By: - Food & Beverage - August 25, 2011
steel cut oats nutrition facts what is there to know

There are a lot of different cereals that are available on the market today but the trend has been to shy away from those standard cereals and pursue a more pure form of cereal nutrition in the morning.  When many go through their local grocery store for the ideal kind of whole grain oats to have for their mornings, they will find that Steel Cut Oats nutrition facts speak for themselves.  With a great grain cereal like steel cut oats, there are also a number of different steel cut oats recipes that will take this ordinary looking grain and make it into a delicious, simple dishes that your entire family can enjoy.

There is not a lot more that one can add to the steel cut oats nutrition facts that do not say in and of themselves.  With forty-six percent calcium, forty-three percent in fibre and twenty-three percent carbohydrates with only eleven percent in fats, this high protein diet is an excellent alternative to the standard rolled oats.  Each golden oat is cut into three pieces and with their chewy texture, and hearty filling characteristic, steel cut oats or as they are also known as Irish oats, makes them very popular among families everywhere. Whereas their contemporary rolled oat cousins are rolled, steamed and then toasted after yet another steaming, steel cut oats aren’t.  Because of the intensive processing of rolled oats, much of the nutritional value is lost, whereas the steel cut oats still have their high value in nutrition.

Alright, so steel cut oats have a great nutritional value over their rolled oat cousins.  They have a great taste and their hearty, chewy and delicious.  So what can you do to make this hearty meal a little extra special for your discriminating child?  You could try sweetening them up with a little brown sugar along with some turbinado sugar.  Sprinkle these two on the top of the oats and then fire them with a crème brulee torch and it will give a tasty crust on the top of the oats sure to entice even the fussiest teenager.

One final recipe, is the overnight steel cut oat recipe. Here is one definitely worth a try that will be a class favourite for the entire family.  After boiling about six cups of water and then mixing the steel cut oats in the night before, just let it continue to boil for about a minute or so, cut the heat and cover the sauce pan.  When morning comes, boil the mixture for another ten minutes or so, and seven minutes after taking it off of the burner, it is ready for the family breakfast table.  For a little extra, add some fruits or walnuts and perhaps a touch of maple syrup.  The result is silence, save the family busily wolfing down what is a breakfast sure to please while making mom happy that everyone has the right nutrition.

Steel cut oats nutrition facts will make mom happy and the steel cut oats recipes that are more than what has been given here is a winning combination that will make every morning a simple, delicious and nutritious one to become a family tradition.

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