Steel Cut Oats Nutrition Better Than Rolled Oats

Steel Cut Oats NutritionBetter Than Rolled Oats?

By: - Food & Beverage - August 31, 2011
steel cut oats nutrition better than rolled oats

Steel cut oats are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Made of the inner portion of the oat kernel that is literally cut by steel, steel cut oats nutrition is top notch. Filled with B-vitamins, calcium, fiber and protein, they are naturally low in salt and saturated fat. When comparing steel cut oats vs rolled oats, the glycemic index of steel cut oats is lower than rolled oats, 42 to 66 which is better for your blood sugar.

Steel cut oats nutrition facts continue with, according to the USDA, the ability to reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure. Furthermore, they can help you combat fat and cholesterol and are full of antioxidants. Also known as Irish oats and coarse-cut oats, steel cut oats can take a while to cook, usually somewhere between 30-40 minutes. They taste somewhat nuttier than rolled oats and you will find that they are a bit chewier than the average rolled oat. You won’t find steel cut oats sold in colorful packets with lots of added sugar, they are meant to be enjoyed with natural flavors like fresh fruit, cinnamon, all natural honey and even maple syrup.

Though steel oats nutrition is fantastic, when comparing steel cut oats vs rolled oats, you will find, in many aspects, they are about the same. Whole grains themselves, rolled oats offer many of the health benefits that the steel cut oats offer. Rolled oats are made from the oat kernel as well, they are just rolled flat. One difference, besides the glycecmic index difference mentioned above when looking at steel cut oats vs rolled oats is the difference in fiber.  Steel cut oats are a better source so if you really need more fiber, stick with the steel cut oats.  This is due to the rolling preparation of the rolled oats, they lose some of the bran which has the most fiber.  Steel cut oats keep that bran and therefore keep the nutrition from it. If you are willing to forgo a bit of fiber rolled oats really are your best bet since they can be cooked a bit quicker, especially if you don’t have 30-40 minutes to make the steel cut oats in the morning.

Oats in general are very healthy and considered a super food, meaning they have a ton of health benefits. Adding other super foods, such as blueberries to your oats can really pump up the health benefits you are getting in one meal.