Spray Tanning Tips - Get A Golden Tan

Spray Tanning Tips – Get A Golden Tan

By: - Skin Care - August 30, 2011
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Instead of tanning in a bed or under the sun and risking cancer, try spray tanning. It is a lot safer than a tanning bed, lasts longer and looks great. Before you head out and get a spray tan, try these spray tanning tips to help your tan look better and last longer.

One of the spray tanning tips is to find out what brand of tanning solution the salon is using. Do some research on the brand and make sure it is a high quality brand, not a cheap brand that will fade quickly. Another tip is to make sure you are using some kind of barrier cream. Technically you may think using barrier cream is a good thing, but a professional who knows how to tan someone will never have a need for barrier creams as they will always do quality work.

Prior to going in for a spray tan, you should exfoliate and moisturize your body. This can improve the way your tan looks in a positive way. You should also avoid wearing any make up when you go in for your tan. Wear old, loose clothing that you can put on after the tan. It is possible the solution will stain the clothing and once it is there, it won’t come out. Other spray tanning tips include moisturizing once a day after the tan and stay away from pools with chlorine which will fade the tan quickly.

If you are considering self tanning with an over the counter tanning solution, there are some self tanner tips to keep close to your mind as well. One of the best self tanner tips is to start off slow.  Don’t use a ton of lotion or spray on yourself. It is easier to add a little more than take off the tanning solution, which may be impossible. You can also try the self tanner on a hidden part of your skin and see how it looks as it develops.

Other self tanner tips include exfoliating and moisturizing before tanning. You should also avoid shaving your legs for at least 12 hours after applying self tanner. A final tip is to not skimp when it comes to price. Cheap self tanner lotions will give you cheap results. If you want a real looking tan, only get the best brands. Some things are perfectly fine to buy in generic form, but self tanner isn’t one of them! Be smart when self tanning, have common sense and you will look great!