Flying High In The Clouds

By: - Hobbies - July 5, 2011
speedaire flying high in the clouds

Watching the windsurfers and kiteflyers on television gave me shudders down my spine.  Committing yourself to the mercy of the wind seemed to me like a delve into the world of voluntary suicide.  None the less, compelled to try anything at least once, I went with my friend to try out his Speedaire kite and I’ve been a fan of kiteflying ever since!

When I considered the enormity of the Speedaire kite, I initially believed that it would require some in depth mechanical know how before I could even begin to set it up, however I was soon proven wrong.  When the package finally arrived most everything was already set up.  The bar is assembled and the lies are attached to them already.  All I had to do was simply unroll the lines attached to the assembled bar, lay out the kite, secure the safety harness to the kite and off I went.  I didn’t need to do any kind of inflating either.  That’s right, no inflating.  Within about 2 minutes, you can have it ready to go.  The openings that are on the outside edges of the kite are quite big but not so big that it impedes on the water relaunch capacity.  As you gain a little speed, just give a good, strong pull on the bar and within 5 to 20 seconds it will inflate, catapulting you into the great blue sky for a ride unlike any that you’re ever going to experience again.  The time that it takes to inflate that you’re in the air isn’t a worry as this kite is not only maneuverable but easy to control as well.  When it comes to setting the craft and yourself down, again, it is as easy as 1-2-3.  Simply release the bar and the craft will land vertically with little or no pull at all.

The SpeedAire is designed to make your experience not only an enjoyable one, but one that is reasonably free of inflight complications such as those nasty gusts of wind.  These phenomenon can whip a kite about and literally slam the kite and pilot into the equally unforgiving ground but the SpeedAire provides for greater stability when something like this occurs during the course of your flight.  This is not to say that you can head on up with little or no worries or hassles at all!  You still have to pay attention to the performance of your kite and the gusts of wind that can buffet you about and be able to respond to them.  Know your kites characteristics and be constantly aware!

As said earlier, it takes a little time from the moment that you launch to get fully inflated but the lift rate and the ease by which you can manoever and land the craft makes the SpeedAire one of the easiest and safest kites available on the market.  It has a 95% successful land rate which is far above other leading models.  This assurance alone is one that sold me over and above the easy handling and measure of control that the SpeedAire affords me.

Photo: kite – copyright 2005, Gede – reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 3.0 Unported, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Yokaichi01.jpg

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