Speech Therapist Salary - Above Average

Speech Therapist Salary – Above Average

By: - Learning Disabilities - September 2, 2011
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If you are interested in a career that can help people communicate with each other or help people who have language, speech, or voice disorders communicate with other people, speech therapy may be right for you. Speech therapists work with those mentioned above and also commonly work with people who have minor speech problems such as minor stuttering or pronunciation of certain words or sounds. They help people speak correctly through a series of exercises and therapies that are usually catered directly to them.

You will need to get a college degree to become a speech therapist, in fact, you probably will need a Masters degree in psychology or speech pathology and hours of clinical experience that is supervised. Additionally you will need to pass an exam and at least 9 months of post-graduate experience. This is not a career for someone who wants to begin working right out of high school or after earning an Associates of Bachelors degree.

Money-wise, the speech therapist salary is above average. $68,350 is the average speech therapist salary in the US. The hourly speech therapist salary if you want to break it down that way is about $32.85 per hour. Speech therapist salary is highest in Las Vegas, NV at $111,000 annually on average.

If you are looking for a career that is similar but doesn’t take as much advanced schooling, music therapy may be for you. Expected to be empathetic, creative and patient, music therapists help treat those with psychological problems through music. They typically work in a group setting where instruments can be played and singing can be done. They are expected to be musically inclined as well.

Average music therapist salary is about $43,000. Typically you will just need a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited school and some real world experience. You probably will need to know how to play an instrument or two, read and teach music and have a psychology background in abnormal psychology. Job outlook for music therapists is expected to rise and music therapist salary is expected to remain constant.

If you go on to earn a Master’s degree in Music Therapy or similar discipline, you can expect a music therapist salary to go up to about $54,000 per year. Similarly to speech therapists, music therapists in the western United States tend to have a greater salary and more positive job outlook than in the east.