Spanish Food Recipes

Bring Flavors To Your Palate

By: - Recipes - May 21, 2011
spanish food recipes

As great as it would be to partake in a late night dinner in Barcelona or Madrid, you don’t have to travel to the Iberian Peninsula to enjoy delightful Spanish food recipes.

More and more Americans are becoming acquainted with Spanish culinary delights by going to restaurants that feature Spanish tapas recipes.

But there are differences between full-blown Spanish food recipes and Spanish tapas recipes.

When comparing the two, a key point to remember is the purpose behind the creation of tapas. They are small dishes (think snacks or finger foods) of a wide variety of recipes for meat, fish, poultry and vegetables that serve as mini-portions to go along with wine and other beverages. They are bits of food that serve as wonderful companions to conversation

A Multipurpose Recipe

A dish known as a Spanish potato omelet can be served as a main course or cut into small pieces and served with a variety of other tapas.

So how do you prepare this tasty dish?

It’s actually pretty easy and can be on the dinner table in less than an hour.

What you need …

–         8 medium potatoes

–         1 large yellow onion

–         6 large eggs

–         Olive oil

–         Salt

What you do …

–         Peel and then slice potatoes fairly thin.

–         Chop onion into small pieces.

–         Combine potatoes and onion in a large bowl and salt as desired.

–         Heat large pan and add olive oil.

–         Once olive oil is hot, add the potato/onion mixture and spread evenly.

–         Sauté until potatoes are done on the inside and then remove from pan with a spatula.

–         Crack eggs in another bowl, beat and then add to potato/onion combo and mix.

–         Heat olive oil in another frying pan, add the combination and spread evenly throughout the pan.

–         Check bottom and when eggs at bottom are partially brown remove pan from heat.

–         Now take a large dinner plate, place over the omelet and flip the pan so that the combo is now on the plate.

–         Then slide the combo back into the pan and cook until eggs are no longer runny.

–         Once cooked, turn off heat and let it stay in the pan for 2-3 minutes.

–         Slide onto a serving dish and cut into pie-like slices.

You are now ready to eat and enjoy!

The Tapas Alternative

It’s good to know that you take this same omelet and instead of cutting it into pie-like slices you can cut it into smaller pieces and serve as part of a selection of tapas.

This is one example of turning Spanish food recipes into Spanish tapas recipes.

And, if you need more to stimulate your appetite, think of some of these possible tapas selections …

–         Garlic shrimp

–         Stuffed mussels

–         Fried squid rings

–         Anchovies marinated in vinegar, oil and garlic

Happy dining.