Sonogram Technician Salary

What You Need To Know

By: - Business - July 7, 2011
sonogram technician salary what you need to know

For someone with a sonogram technician degree, the view forward to a fun career in the industry of medicine and radiology, with a sonogram technician degree is a rosy picture for many.  However, as promising a future as you could have with great pay and benefits, do you really know what the salary scales and at what rate you would start of at when you get out of university training?

Today, you can get a sonogram technician degree from universities, a junior college and even a technical school.  Classes can help you fast track your career, landing your dream job within a year after you graduate, but if you earn the certificate or degree, taking longer to get into the industry, you will without doubt fair much better salary wise.  Because of the wide ranging variables affecting a sonogram technician salary, annual compensations and hourly rates will fluctuate.  The first variable is your schooling level and education level achieved.  The better your education, the better your chances of getting into an area of the industry that is better paid.  If you have some experience and relocate, how much you earn will depend on your training in specialized fields while you were working in your current job.  Additionally, fluctuations are affected by your location within the country.  States, cities and even types of employers will further affect your compensation.

The average person who has graduated with a sonogram technician degree and has less than one year’s experience may earn around $19 US per hour, gradually building up to $26 US per hour as their experience increases.  Annually, sonogram techs can get between $45,000 US and $52,000 US with limited experience.  However, the chances of earning eventually as high as $69,000 US annually is not that difficult considering added experience will eventually lead to this.

Though what you earn can be an important aspect of a career as a sonogram technician, many techs advise those entering the industry for the first time to consider whether they will really enjoy the job.  The reality is that within this industry, enjoyment is a greater part of success because a happy technician works harder and achieves more, thus earning a higher salary in the end.  As such, if you are considering a career as a sonogram tech, focusing on the salary aspect alone will not help you grow, so if you want to achieve more in this career, be sure that the career is really for you, save you being stuck in a career at the bottom end of the salary range because you simply needed a job.

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