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By: - Food & Beverage - August 1, 2011
sonic locations

You’re on the go constantly with career, family or friends.  Who has time with busy hockey parent schedules and dance classes for Sally to stop and make a fast, delicious meal before setting off again?  There are many, many fast food restaurants out there that literally litter the roadsides however their version of fast food tastes like fast food.   That isn’t good enough if you are paying the bill.  You want something quick but you also won’t compromise on taste or quality.  That’s why you should pull into any one of the large number of Sonic locations to finish off that sudden, roaring appetite once and for all.

Where are there Sonic locations?  Just log onto the Sonic site where you will find the always useful Sonic locator icon that will lead you to the closest outlet to style, taste and value that you’ve always come to depend on when you visit any of the Sonic locations.  Just enter your zip code into the Sonic locator, press go and presto, you’re as good as there, in a driving stall with your food at the ready.  As you drive through, the full length, easy to read menu will dazzle you with a huge array of world class burgers, hot dogs and wraps and there is something for the kids too.  Within minutes of arriving, your order will be taken and you’ll be on your way to your next destination as though you had not even stopped at Sonic at all!  Remember that the best friend your appetite will have is the informative and always helpful Sonic locator online.

There are those of you out there that are on the go constantly, wrestling busy schedules, family business and career demands who simply cannot afford to stop in at home or a restaurant for relaxation.  For those that have such a lifestyle with a round the clock drives, the more than three-thousand, five-hundred Sonic locations are open at participating Sonic locations from six o’clock in the morning until midnight to serve you at every period during your day, and not just breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Snacks are what we’re all about too!  If your day starts particularly early or ends much later than the standard time each day and your dinners are only convenient late at night, Sonic locations are there to serve you.  Again, using the Sonic locator online, you can find the nearest Sonic location that is there to suit your appetite as you start your day and as you finish up a hectic business meeting late at night.   Sonic locations are so widespread and so well known for more than just their convenience.  Sonic locations everywhere take the fast food taste out of quick delivery and quality into every bite that you can until now have found only in fine restaurant dining.

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