Snapper Riding Lawn Mowers

Riding The Grass Cutting Wave

By: - Gardening - July 5, 2011
snapper riding lawn mowers riding the grass cutting wave

Saturday arrives and it is time to open the garage door to fetch the lawn mower to do some trimming.  One of the many lawn tractor/cutters that there are on the market today is the riding lawn mower known as Snapper Riding Lawn Mowers.

For larger lawns, this riding lawn mower is a good fit, although it isn’t perfect either.  Owned by a company called Briggs & Stratton, nine models of riding lawn mower are available and they have cut radius’ that range anywhere from 28 inches to 42 inches.  One particular mower called 2812523BVE is one such good model that are featured by Briggs & Stratton.  Although it has a cut radius of only 28 inches, it does have a good, powerful 12.5 horsepower engine and has several different options that provide for a means to dispose of your grass. It has a side shoot with which to fling the grass off to one side, a back exit with a Hi-Vac structure to collect the cuttings into twin mounted bags or it even has a mulching system.  Although the Snapper riding lawn mower is a huge asset to those that have larger lawns, the one negative aspect, and it may not seem very much depending on the person, is the fact that it has a wider turn radius of about twenty eight inches.  Provided that you have a fairly straight lawn and lots of room to turn about in, the Snapper riding lawn mower is an ideal fit for your lawn cutting needs.

The snapper lawn riding mower isn’t the fastest cutter on the market, however it can travel at a fairly adequate speed of about 1 to 4.6 miles per hour and can travel a little faster in reverse at speeds approaching 1.9 miles per hours.  Being able to shift the transmission speeds is quite effortless and there is a nice absence of a clutch, so that isn’t a bother during shifting.  The quiet engine and easy speeds provides for a cutting session that won’t leave you deaf and the neighbours annoyed, either.  When you are done with the cutting session for the week and need to clean the Snapper riding lawn mower, it is not difficult, but not entirely easy, either.  Lifting the 314 pound machine to the rear stand feature is a small task but that feature alone makes the weight easy to mitigate and cleaning the blades beneath even easier.

With a two year limited residential warrantee, Snapper riding lawn mowers should effectively cut your lawn for a period of a decade, and although it has a larger turn radius, contains cutting and collecting features and maintenance features that make having Snapper riding lawn mowers a benefit to make your sessions easier.

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