Slumberland Beds

Learn How To Choose The Right One

By: - Product Reviews - July 25, 2011
slumberland beds learn how to choose the right one

The day has arrived when you wake up and as opposed to the refreshed feeling that follows a good night’s sleep on a comfortable bed, you instead sip your morning coffee while looking for chiropractors or message therapists in the yellow pages.  The ugly reality of the necessity of a better bed is at hand but there are so many daunting factors that make a person shudder at the mere thought of buying a new mattress.  There are endless stores featuring beautiful beds at affordable prices that are just about as much as your monthly mortgage and others that have great prices, but alas, not so perfect mattresses.  These are just some of the reasons why you should stop looking everywhere else and buy Slumberland beds because Slumberland beds are second to none.

Slumberland beds aren’t a new, fly by night business.  First opened in 1919 in the United Kingdom under a different name, it developed the new business name of Slumberland to suit the perfection of its product.  Within a few years, the success in the locality in which it was founded spread like wild fire across the market in the UK and not surprisingly thereafter, the North American and European market where it thrives today.  Why should you buy Slumberland beds?  Because their refusal to compromise on comfort and style while operating within affordability for the consumer has made them the international success that they’ve become.  It is no wonder that the prestige which lends itself to Slumberland’s beds makes them one of the few top name mattresses in the industry today.  Currently operating in thirty-five countries and with manufacturing facilities in nineteen countries as well, the innovative spirit and technology that Slumberland’s beds has created is near legendary.

The creators of Slumberland beds has developed two very crucial and innovative spring technology to deliver a quality mattress with guarantees toward a good nights sleep for a prolonged lifespan.  The first one, the so called Posture spring, utilizes three different layers of triangular, interconnected springs to eliminate the bending and distorting of each spring over a period of time and permit for a more evenly distributed weight across the mattress.  The second technology that should compel you to buy Slumberland beds as well is the revolutionary Pocketed Posture Springing.  This amazing technology, built on the already existing posture springing technology gives you a mattress to flow along with the movement of your body and body weight, and absorbs the full measure of your body and its impact on a level par.  So, Slumberland’s beds with their innovative technology, proven history of excellence and household name within the homes of millions of people worldwide are good reasons why you should consider a mattress from this company.  The need for the perfect bed is the only reason that you need to buy  any of Slumberland’s beds.

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