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Reduces Snoring Effectively

By: - Disease & Illness - February 17, 2011
sleep apnea mouthpiece

In Greek, the word ‘apnea’ means ‘to breath’ and the clinical description of sleep apnea or snoring is explained as a pause that is associated with neurological arousing for a period of 10 seconds and more. Snoring in one’s sleep is a common problem in every household. There was no device or any form of cure to this until the sleep apnea mouthpiece was invented. This device is also called an apnea mask and is very effective in reducing the snoring problem.

Snoring has no age barriers and even children can start snoring without their knowledge. In medical terms snoring is called sleep apnea and is referred as a disorder. There are many sleep disorders and this is one of the most common ones. Sleep apnea is caused when there is any kind of obstruction in the airway. The sleep apnea mouthpiece is helpful in keeping the airway clear from the tongue and tissues of the mouth.

Sometimes it is also associated with the de-saturation of oxygen in the blood. In some cases, both these factors can have an impact and aggravate the disorder. Initially one of the symptoms may be occasional snoring that may be easily cured by the sleep apnea mouthpiece.

The different kinds of sleep apnea masks or mouthpieces that are available in the market today are nasal masks, complete face masks, nasal pillows, nasal prongs, and hybrid masks. Most of these masks are oral appliances and are technically known as mandibular advancement appliances. There are other types of devices that help in holding the tongue in a forward position that are called tongue retainers.

The cost of these sleep apnea masks is between $40 to over $200 depending on the make and brand. These masks can be chosen depending on the way the person breathes when he or she is sleeping, sleeping position etc. These apnea masks can be very useful for people who are suffering from a mild sleep apnea disorder. Those people who have a serious sleep apnea disorder should consult the doctor for a CPAP interface machine which can offer some help for their problem.

It is always advised to consult a doctor to analyze the reason for your snoring and purchase the device as per the doctor’s recommendation so as to receive the best results. The tongue retainer is an effective device but it will take you some time to get adjusted to the device. And like any other appliance sleep apnea masks may have some side effects from prolonged use.

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