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Getting Back To Healthy Basics

By: - Shoes - July 14, 2011
sketcher shoes getting back to healthy basics

Sketcher Shoes are special shoes that are talked about in many a Sketcher Shoes review.  They are specially designed for walking with the intention of keeping the body and foot with each step going through the natural motion of walking as if you were walking barefoot and thus you are rocked backwards and forwards so that you go from heel to your toes in a single motion and not a bouncy one.  It is an innovative form of technology that has allowed these orthotically designed shoes to become a firm favourite with walkers and those who are on their feet continuously throughout the day.

Sketcher Shoes help you to walk upright as your body was designed to do with your spine being supported in proper balance.  Your posture is never compromised, meaning that you walk in a healthy fashion and the exercise tones your muscles in your buttocks and legs as they were meant to do.  Because of the kinetic style wedge that is built into your shoes, you are forced to stand up straight and not slouch and as such you will also pull in your stomach muscles to ensure that you can keep walking without tiring and thus your abdominal core is toned as well.  In fact, as you can see from this Sketchers Shoes review, the benefits of owning a pair of their shoes is not about looks and price alone, but health and the continued health of your body.

Interestingly, the technology used for the Sketcher Shoes was based on information and studies taken by Swiss shoemakers of the Masai tribes people in Eastern Africa who walk literally extensive distances on foot without any shoes at all.  Their ability to do this and to remain fit led to the development of the company’s wedge.  The wedge enables the shoe to rock, enforcing an appropriate stride and activating the muscles needed by the body’s internal core to teach the core muscles to develop in strength, endurance and tone, as well as increasing their ability to maintain bodily balance.  As such, even after sort walks of under an hour, the benefits that you will see are amazing.  Even after just half an hour, the body is forced to adjust its muscles to adapt to walking properly and with the use of the inclusive CD training with each pair of shoes, a person can finally get fit as people once did from walking alone.

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