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– How To Make Positive Choices For Your Preemie

By: - Babies - June 7, 2011
similac neosure

It has been a long time since my kids had infant formula.  Well, they are adults themselves and talking about the potential for having their own kids.  Regardless of everything, some infant formulas have improved and come a long way since the babies that we had were little.  Yet again, Similac Neosure is a prime example of advancements that we never had in a Similac formula.  Even today, though it still ranks as one of the world’s top infant formulas in regards to preemies and micro-preemies.

Similac Neosure is designed for premature babies, but note that this may not mean that your preemie can take the formula.  In most cases, do not forget that the survival of the smallest micro preemies depends on not only good nutrition, but the antibodies that only a mother can give.  My youngest was such a baby and she had breastmilk all the way until she was too old and needed to gain weight and went on formula.  My other children simply could not get enough so the switch to formula was not planned, but necessary.

When it comes to Similac formula and their new Similac Neosure, it plays a pivotal role as part of the overall care of your very tiny infant.  What people fail to understand that the nutritional needs of preemies and micropreemies especially are little understood, except in the older preemies.  Many are so fragile and new that they have not even developed eyelids or even hair and are still literally developing as they should have done within the womb.  Full time babies are already completely created babies, whereas preemies are not finished.  As such Similac formula for preemies is vital for their survival, not merely their appetites.  Though many full term babies naturally drop weight in the first days after birth, regaining it later on, for a micro preemie or preemie to do this can make the difference between life and death.  That is why the formula within Similac Neosure is so important and so well created.  If you are not willing to use a monster breast pump to produce breast milk for your young infant, then this formula will be its only saving grace.  Finally mothers of preemies and micro preemies have a choice to breast feed or not, too.

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