Easy Hair Removal

By: - Skin Care - July 4, 2011
silknsenseoil easy hair removal

If unwanted hair is getting you down, there are many innovative machines that may help.  Unfortunately, not all hair removal systems are created equally and many fall short of what they claim to be able to do.  That is why the Silk n Senseoil is the perfect addition to your hair removal system.  Many use blades or pluckers that really can damage the skin or even burn it through laser treatments.  However, the SilknSenseOil is just the thing to ensure that razors slide smoothly, blades brush gently and pluckers grasp the hair without pinching and damaging the skin.

Silk n Senseoil is in fact even approved to be used with many of the Silk n range.  It is a low cost and unique oil that is easy to use, non-greasy and moisturizes the skin to ensure that hair is loosened much more easily and if you happen to own a laser removal system, the fragile upper layers of your skin are kept moist and thus can avoid being burnt even with the shortest of treatments.  This is not to say that you should not follow the strict instructions that your machine comes with, but it means that the risk of even a small singe even under prime conditions can be prevented most of the time.  Best of all, the SilknSenseOil soothes the skin once it has been gone over, making it ideal for shaving because you can avoid the normal and expected razor burn.

Silk n Senseoil comes in compact enough containers that you can take it with you anywhere.  It is ideal for slipping into a travel pouch when you go on holiday, so you do not have to stop enjoying wearing a bikini or hiding itchy and painful bumps from rashes caused by shaving, epilation and other hair removal methods.  The fact is that the SilknSenseOil can help to reduce most discomfort associated with hair removal, though it cannot guarantee complete pain removal with epilation, a very painful form of female hair removal.  Even if you was, the oil does not impede the ability of wax strips to stick and grasp your hair, but it stops the frustrating residue or pulling off of your skin by wax that sticks to the skin.

Another amazing feature that some users of the oil have noticed is that after hair removal, the oil helps in slowing down any hair regrowth.  Like other types of oils used to prevent hair growth, this one gives you those extra few days with silky smooth and hair free skin.

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