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Getting The Best Deal For Your Shoes

By: - Shoes - July 14, 2011
shoe carnival locations getting the best deal for your shoes

There are many Shoe Carnival locations found across the US, dealing with family type footwear in about four hundred outlets.  Shoe Carnival deal with athletic, children’s, women’s and men’s footwear and other accessories such as socks, items for caring for your shoes, wallets and even purses.  However, their main products are shoes and it is the concept surrounding their stores that makes them so popular.

Many Shoe Carnival locations are operated out of special retail stores in the southeast, south and Midwest regions.  Founded in the 70s by David Russel, the main headquarters can be found in Evansville in Indiana.  The create a sense of intense urgency for consumers to want to buy their specially promoted shoes, which are constantly announced throughout their stores via a PA system.  Promotions for the Shoe Carnival products include fun events where customers are given great encouragement to make purchases, informative promotions and discount events.

The Shoe Carnival locations began with a huge distributors and sixty thousand square feet of shoes to be distributed to their outlets and even shipped via their online store.  Though there are only 400 outlets to date, the company has plans to expand as their sales in 2007 reached record levels and as such there are new stores in the works to include twenty five more.  However, it is what you find in the stores that is most appealing.  Each store is laid out to make it easy for you to find shoes for your foot size, including whether or not you are a man, woman or child.  Like major discount places, there is little fluff with more emphasis being put on a wide selection of shoes to choose from and aisle after aisle of choices.  Because of the popularity of Shoe Carnival, the stores are usually packed well until closing times.  It is not uncommon to see people walk in with one shoe idea in mind and only to walk out having bought another type and multiples of them.  The reality and bottom line is that the shoes from this company are very affordable and offer competitive quality that literally gives you what you pay for.  However, that said, this does not mean a cheap price equals a cheap shoe because that is hardly the case.  Most of their shoes are so well made and last so long that the prices are so reasonable that you are not far off from the wholesale prices found on other more expensive shoes.

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