Shark Cartilage Benefits

How Can It Help?

By: - Supplements - May 27, 2011
shark cartilage benefits

It is very hard to write about the shark cartilage benefits in an unbiased manner, the simple fact is that shark populations are dwindling to almost nothing at an alarming rate so to write about shark cartilage benefits is not an easy thing to do.  However like all things in life there are pros and cons to everything.

Most people are under the assumption that because sharks do not get cancer, that the cartilage will hold the secrets to curing cancer. While further studies are needed, shark cartilage benefits include the help with preventing angiogenesis. This means that it may be beneficial in stopping the growth of tumors.  Tumors need the new formation of blood vessels in order to grow. So if shark cartilage can stop the growth or formation of new blood vessels it is an extremely helpful tool in the fight to stop tumors spreading. Once again it is important to note that this has yet to be proven and you should consult with your treating doctor to see if taking any supplements whilst undergoing treatment will be beneficial. There are noted cases in some circumstances if you take any form of natural medicine while undergoing treatment, it could be harmful to you and work against your treatment.

Natural remedies, and natural medicines have a fantastic place in our society and we often refer straight to the chemist without thinking about natural alternatives. As with all medicines you will need to get the proper advice prior to taking any doses and make an informed choice of the benefits and side effects.  Shark cartilage is said to stimulate the immune system. This is a fantastic benefit of shark cartilage. It is also said that shark cartilage may help with anti inflammatory issues. However this has yet to be proven, although studies show positive results.

As with all medicines both synthetic and natural, there are some side effects.  Shark cartilage side effects include mercury poisoning.  This is probably extremely rare; however it can be a serious problem. Another one of the shark cartilage side effects is hypocalcaemia.  This can also be a serious health risk to cancer patients. People who are body builders or who are trying to build muscle should avoid taking any shark cartilage due to it stopping the new blood vessels from forming.  Like a lot of medicine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is important not to take any supplements without first consulting with a doctor.