Serrapeptase Benefits

More Than Just A Vitamin.

By: - Supplements - June 6, 2011
serrapeptase benefits

Serrapeptase benefits include the ability to help reduce swelling; as such it also has the ability to thin blood, which is very beneficial in reducing the risk or blood clots. Serrapeptase is a proteolytic (protein-splitting) enzyme, it is said that people across Europe and Japan have been enjoying Serrapeptase benefits for quite some time.

Serrapeptase benefits also include a pain relief by being able to decrease the pain sensation therefore providing relief. Anti-inflammatory benefits, asthma, back pain, Blood thinner, coughing, diabetes, emphysema, fibromyalgia, fibroids, headaches, heart disease osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, reduce breast engorgement (enlargement) Rheumatoid arthritis, varicose veinsare all said to benefit from taking serrapeptase.

There is some research that suggests you should only take one tablet a day for up to five days a week, because there is not enough research that has been done for potential side effects, however this is not an absolute as there are many internet pages that suggest there are no side effects and that Serrapeptase is safe for anyone to take. If you are considering taking any medication or natural supplements it is very wise to speak with your doctor to prior to taking anything, this is especially true if you are suffering from a disease and are currently taking medication for it.

If you are taking Serrapeptase fluid retention reduction capabilities are said to make it a good natural choice of supplements for people who suffer from this condition and serrapeptase fluid retention reduction reduces the swelling if you have sprained an ankle or any other part of your body therefore is will become a pain relief at the same time.

There are a lot of beauticians and other types of business that promote the serrapeptase fluid retention reduction tablets as it is widely believed that the tablets can reduce the effects of varicose veins, that is Serrapeptase has the ability to shrink or diminish them all together. Some doctors believe that this supplement can help to treat blockage in coronary arteries for heart patients.

People who suffer from chronic sinus problems should also be very happy to hear that serrapeptase supplements is to hold properties that can aid in the severity of sinusitis and can actually make a significant difference to people’s daily life. There are several dose suggestions for people who are taking the supplement, and each ailment has a different dosage recommendation, you should check with your doctor as to which dosage is correct or best suited to you.