Scottish Fold Kittens - Are Those Really Ears

Scottish Fold Kittens – Are Those Really Ears?

By: - Pets - September 26, 2011
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If you have ever come across Scottish Fold kittens, you may think they are born with no ears. They certainly have ears, they just have folded ears, which is a genetic mutation in the breed. From the beginning of the breed in 1966, all of the Scottish Fold kittens out there today have one common ancestor: a white barn cat named Susie who lived in Scotland in the early 1960s. Susie had four kittens, two with the fold and two without. One of the kittens of Susie’s ended up in the hands of a geneticist name Pat Turner and the rest is history.

One of the interesting things about Scottish Fold kittens is their ears will only fold if they have the gene mutation to make them fold. When they are born, none of the ears will be folded actually, so you can’t tell which kittens in a litter will be true Scottish Folds until days after birth. If it has been 21 days and there is no fold, there will never be a fold in the ear. Scottish Fold kittens are quite expensive and highly sought after pets, especially in the US where there is a demand for designer animals.

Another highly sought after cat breed is the Russian Blue. Russian Blue kittens are a beautiful shade of silvery blue, which makes them extremely popular pets. They also have a great personality which makes them perfect for families. One of the very interesting things about Russian Blue kittens, is they seem to be very in tune to basic human feelings as opposed to other cat breeds. If your Russian Blue, for instance, sees that you are sad, many times, they will come to you in order to comfort you. Many people say their dogs do this, but in the world of cats, Russian Blues are well known for it as well.

Russian Blue kittens are one of the cat breeds that are good for allergy sufferers as they produce less protein, Fel D1, which is commonly associated with human cat allergies. Though no cat is 100% allergen free, this breed may be good for someone with mild or moderate allergies. Keeping your cat well groomed can also cut down on the airborne allergens that can cause you to get sick.

Russian Blues are playful, intelligent, and are even known to be more active than other cat breeds. If you ever wanted a cat that will play fetch, you should probably get a Russian Blue. They are great with other pets and rarely get over 12 pounds when fully grown, so they are excellent for apartment life.

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