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By: - Education - May 8, 2011
school fundraising ideas

Many schools raise funds for extra-curricular activities and clubs with creative school fundraising ideas. There are many different ways to raise extra funds for students, and some of them can be an adventure in themselves.

An auction for parents and teachers, and friends of the school, is a valuable means of elementary school fundraising. You can have an event that is either casual or semi-formal, and it may be held in a nearby community center, or the school’s gym. You will need quality items to auction, and an accomplished auctioneer who will donate his services. You can auction spa visits, theater tickets and other items that people really would like to have.

A golf tournament can help a school collect a large amount of money, and is one of the more lucrative school fundraising ideas. The money comes in with larger amounts, rather than a bit here and there. Charge admission, and combine some friendly play with an after-game dinner. Local businesses can be visited by volunteers and asked to sponsor holes. That company can then have their company poster displayed at that hole.

A craft sale is a great idea to raise funds for your school. Everyone loves some type of crafts, and you can send out solicitation letters to local crafters, offering them tables for set fees, to sell their finished crafts. The crafters can each keep the money they make, while the school gets the money from the tables that are rented.

Game night is another great method of elementary school fundraising. You can hold it in the school gymnasium, and only open it to families whose children attend the school, so that the parents will feel safe allowing their children to attend. There are raffles for the parents and lots of games for the kids. Parents from the school will plan activities and games, and get donations from area businesses, like gift certificates and dinners. Each family can pay admission for the whole group, and special activities can bring in a bit of extra money.

School fundraising ideas can also involve selling things, like cookies or frozen cookie dough. You can buy the dough from companies who specialize in fundraising, and use the order forms to determine how much the school will need to buy, to cover all the orders the children get.

Your students can also sell magazine subscriptions as a means of elementary school fundraising. They are popular with adults and children alike, and there are services that offer many publications, at special rates, so that your school can keep some of the proceeds. Have a school-wide assembly and use the time to explain to the parents and students how each program works. Children will sell subscriptions and collect orders, along with their parents.

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