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Sbarro Nutrition – Is It Really That Good?

By: - Food & Beverage - June 6, 2011
sbarri nutrition

If you are into your fast food, pigging out on pizza is amazing, especially if you have just left home and you get to choose your own foods.  However, one has to think twice now with so many health issues being put down to poor nutrition and unhealthy eating.  That is why Sbarro nutrition has taken the fast food pizza industry by storm.  Sbarro’s nutrition has been showing up in pamphlet form in many food courts across the country, trying to show everyone how healthy their foods are.  With so many choices – sandwiches, chicken, past and the all time favourite pizza, which ones really are as healthy as they claim?

Sbarros nutrition does not kid when the warn about overdoing it on the cheese because the high fats can create cholesterol issues in the future.  However, even Sbarros is honest enough to point most people towards their low fat, low salt pizzas.  In general, the mushroom, vegetable with chicken and freshly sliced tomato versions are the bet you can find in Sbarro nutrition and its fine pizzas.  The chicken covered in Parmesan sounds simply divine and it is until you see that the fried chicken provides too much proteins and that you are much better off reducing your cholesterol levels by substituting the chicken for something less fattening.  Now, when it comes to Stromboli, do not be taken in by the vegetables.  The nutrition is excellent, but the carbs, calories and proteins go well over the top, so you should just avoid them.

Sbarro nutrition can take time to figure out because there are good things on their menus.  Like everything though, eating smaller portions and in moderation is the real key to Sbarros nutrition issues.  Sadly there are many fine dishes on the menu, but quite often the salt content and calories, not to mention the fat, can rival most major burger chains with ease.  So, what can you do? Well, you can ask to adjust the toppings, meaning you do not have to have mayo or other sauces.  Skip the pickles and other tasty treats and use ketchup in moderation.  Better still, if you are having a sandwich, toss the bun.  If you must have the chicken in Parmesan sauce, share it with a couple of friends to reduce your calories and overabundance of nutritional items.  Remember that eating well and eating for nutrition go hand in hand, but either doing either one is a ticket for disaster, the road to disease and illness.

Photo: pizza menu – copyright 2010, Schnäggli