Saving Abel Addicted

A Real Chart Topper

By: - Music - July 14, 2011
saving abel addicted a real chart topper

You may have seen Saving Abel Addicted on You Tube and other video sites and are wondering what the excitement is about.  Saving Abel Addicted is in fact the online video version of what should have been written as ‘Addicted’ by the musical group, Saving Abel.  In fact, the song is a debut for the rock band’s Album, also called Saving Abel.  It was originally released in 2008.

Saving Abel Addicted presents a great bit of story telling in song about a young man who is either sexually or emotionally addicted to a girl that he likes.  The song reached RIAA Gold status in the November of 2008, placing it on the Billboard’s Top Hot 100 Hits (2008) at a position of ninety-seven.  Even by November 2008, the song and album had sold about eight hundred thousand copies.  It was heading quickly towards the platinum sales level.  By the middle of January in 2009, the song reached ninety three on the Australian chart for singles, later jumping to forty-eight and into the top fifty within the US.  Since then it has gone to the twentieth position according to the top 100 of the Billboard’s 100 top songs.  As such, the band achieved their 1st top 20 musical hit with Saving Abel Addicted.  It achieved further fame by being included the ‘Today’s Best Music 2009” CD, put out by Chum FM (radio 104.5).  However, if you are confused about what you are hearing online, there are in fact two versions officially of the song’s music video.

Saving Abel Addicted was released in a 1st video under the direction of Anthony Honn.  Honn shot the video as a model shoot, some of them scantily clad and in some rather suggestive poses.  Ironically, it was edited to make it cleaner.  So, you will not see the original video anywhere now, just the edited version.  The 2nd version was produced under the direction of Steven Oritt.  The band was featured within that video, playing as a man watched a woman from his own home via binoculars.  The woman was swimming, taking her bath and getting ready for a night on the town.  As the woman dressed, the man sees a stranger sneaking into her home and he panics, collecting his keys, going to her home and tapping on her door.  The final surprise of the video was the stranger and the woman were in fact a couple and were holding each others’ hands.  The latest position for Saving Abel Addicted in the US was ranked as high as seven and no doubt if this is an example of what the band is able to produce, they will probably have more hits in the future, setting themselves on the path to incredibly high rock stardom.

Photo: Saving Abel, the rock group – copyright 2010, Lunchbox LP – reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 2.0 Generic,

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