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By: - Food & Beverage - August 1, 2011
ruby tuesday locations bbq food and more

Getting out the briquettes and waiting for the ideal temperature to begin your hamburger experience need not be such a bother, although bar-b-queing is one of the primary staples that typify the great American pastime.  But rather than trouble yourself over breaking out the grill and the bother of waiting for the burgers to be done, why not visit any one of the number of Ruby Tuesday locations nearest you for that perfect burger that you’ve been craving?

All of the ingredients for burgers that you’ve never even considered before are right at their disposal to create at your command.  Using only the freshest of vegetables and one-hundred percent USDA approved ground hamburger along with a variety of savory spices, your passion for hamburgers can be easily delivered hassle free to your table, piping hot and guaranteed delicious to make your Ruby Tuesdays experience a gem of a deal!

Ruby Tuesdays restaurants styles itself on the famous American bar-b-que style to make your casual dining experience relaxing and delicious with perfect, hand crafted burgers created by employees are just as passionate about making the perfect burger as you are.  The difference is, they are the ones who work to make the ideal burger while you relax and do the dining.  While you wait, you can enjoy any of the variety of drink specials that are featured at Ruby Tuesday locations from the standard domestic and imported beers, to fine wines and tasty margueritas to make you comfortable and refreshed.

You will also be pleased to discover that your local Ruby Tuesday also specialize in catering to your party or function to deliver the restaurant hospitality and great taste too.  You can call on any of their well maintained and managed locations to order or you can select from any of the Ruby Tuesdays many locations on the internet, order online and have all that you request ready-made and delivered to your function or party piping hot and delicious.  Each burger is hand crafted by our highly trained employees so that the feeling of being mass produced and kept in a warm oven taste is never present as in other restaurants.  When you order at Ruby Tuesday, the process of the perfect burger is created there and at that very moment so that you don’t have the substandard, dried out burger hiding in condiments and lettuce.

Do you want the back yard bar-b-que and fine taste that comes from freshly grilled, hand crafted burgers?  Try the superb dining experience of back yard grilling like that featured at Ruby Tuesday’s restaurants world-wide and you’ll see just why every day you eat at Ruby Tuesdays is always a summer bar-b-que.  If you’re the jet setter on the go to international destinations, Ruby Tuesdays restaurants are always there for your appetite.  From North America, across the Atlantic to Iceland to Dubai, Kuwait and even south into Chile, your bar-b-que and the fantastic burgers that you’ve come to expect from Ruby Tuesdays are always there, with quality in every burger.

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