Rubber Tree Plant

Care Is An Easy Chore

By: - Gardening - May 27, 2011
rubber tree plant

The scientific moniker for a rubber tree plant is Ficus elastica.

If you want one of these guys as an indoor plant, it is best to bring home a youngster.

Rubber tree plants can be a bit temperamental when it comes to questions of the proper amount of light and water.

A rubber tree plant does not require too much light. In fact, it should not be placed in a position where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.

Watering a Plant

When it comes to water, rubber tree plants do not need too much and you should certainly never water one with cold water.

Trial and error is probably the typical way of figuring out how much water is enough. Yellow and brown leaves will be the tip off that you are using too much water.

The proper amount of water also is related to the season of the year. Keep a plant moist during the growing season, while watering a maximum of two times per month should suffice during the dormant season.

Should you spot drooping leaves, take that as a signal to give the plant a little more H2O.

Nutrients and More

A rubber tree plant will need a regular intake of nutrients and that raises the subject of fertilizers.

During the growing season, experts recommend using a water soluble fertilizer on a once-a-month basis. A bare minimum f fertilizer should be applied in the fall and winter.

Rubber tree plants have a propensity to grow tall. Therefore, to keep yours in the category of plant and not tree, you will have to prune it on occasion. You must take this as a dictate or otherwise one day you will have to raise your eyes toward the ceiling in order to see the top of your rubber tree.

Pruning is essential for the proper care and appearance of the plant. This means you should remove any branches that detract from its good looks. If a branch begins to turn brown, it is time to say goodbye to that branch.

To keep your rubber tree plant under control, always keep in mind that trimming is a must.

Since your houseplant will not be exposed to a periodic rain shower, you will likely want to clean the leaves by hand. Do this with a moist soft cloth and very gently wipe the leaves.

Finally, start the day by greeting your plant with a hearty “good morning” and, when it’s time for lights out, it is in order to offer a tender “good night and sleep well.”