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By: - Pets - August 1, 2011
royal canin coupons food for the best pets in the whole wide world

 Royal Canin prides itself on being a world wide supporter of premium pet foods.  Founded in 1967 in France by veterinary surgeon Jean Cathary, Royal Canin has built its reputation through research of clinical formulation and marketing for a wide range of large breed dogs and symptom-specific diets for cats.  Royal Canin also packages its foods within a protective controlled atmosphere to conserve natural flavor and nutritional qualities in its foods.  Their ‘fresh pack technology’ includes a resealable zipper and nitrogen flushing to seal freshness inside the package.

Royal Canin uses what the company refers to as its ‘R D Approach’; ‘R’ meaning research and ‘D’ meaning development.  1. They observe the breed of animal to devise nutritional concepts.  2. Each food formula is created through nutritional combination important to the breed in question.  3. The laboratory tests the hardness and freshness of the kibble.  4. The Royal Canin research facility houses 120 cats and 130 dogs of 35 different breeds that taste and smell the kibble given to them.  If the dogs and cats don’t like the test food it isn’t manufactured.  4. Some of the food is sent out to selected breeders to see how the food ‘performs’ in various ‘normal living’ conditions.

In the 1970’s Royal Canin was sold primarily to breeders and veterinarians.  In 1980 the venture to market Royal Canin foods in supermarkets and wholesale outlets in the United States was not successful and Royal Canin returned to selling its product exclusively through veterinarians and specialty pet stores.  Today, over 40 kinds of dog food and 20 kinds of cat foods based on the animal’s breed, size and weight are available to consumers.  80 percent of the company’s profits are derived from European markets.  !2 percent derives from sales within the United States.

Royal Canin coupons and/or Royal Canin printable coupons are not available through the company’s website.  However the website does offer a wide variety of information for consumers regarding cat and dog health and nutrition. Those who receive the Royal Canin newsletter can purchase products directly from the company website.  They can also visit with other users of the products and post pictures of their pets.

Royal Canin coupons can be obtained from local retailers or in local area newspapers.  Royal Canin printable coupons can be found at various on-line coupon sites.

Before buying Royal Canin pet food one should check the ingredients used to create the product to make certain you are buying the right food for your specific breed of pet.  The proper food will improve your pet’s health and even add a few more years to their life.  Royal Canin’s foods are breed specific as well as having concerns for age and weight.

 Royal Canin pet food products are available through a variety of websites that also offer Royal Canin printable coupons or Royal Canin coupon codes.  The company has a ‘loyalty program’ that aids frequent customers in buying Royal Canin products.  Quality products are expensive and Royal Canin products are of the highest quality.  The consumer who uses Royal Canin coupons to purchase their products is a wise consumer.  The Royal Canin Company occasionally provides coupons to people who register with the website.  It is important to read and understand the terms of any Royal Canin offer because many Royal Canin coupons hold stipulations such as purchasing a certain amount of product in order for the coupon discount to be fulfilled.  Also, one should make certain their store vendor will accept the coupons.  Some vendors do not accept Royal Canin printable coupons.