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By: - Product Reviews - July 20, 2011
roadmaster tow bars get the facts

Roadmaster tow bars are amongst the best in the industry, integrating special wiring and safety cables.  Roadmaster towing bars are the safest aluminum towing bars found in the world, weighing in at about thirty-five pounds.  Most importantly, the towing capability can reach as high as three tons.

Roadmaster tow bars use an all terrain technology that is non-binding.  Much improved from earlier models, the Roadmaster towing bars let just one person disconnect or connect the engagement of the tow bar, even if the force being exerted on the towing bars is extreme.  Because of this you will never have struggling issues when disconnecting or connecting your own towing bar.  You simply release the freedom style latch, letting the bar go at whatever bind, level or angle it is at, time and time again.  There is even a video on the company website to show you all the details.  Additionally, the bar is made of stainless steel and heavy steel, located at critical points to guarantee superior maintenance of your structure’s integrity and the overall strength of the product.  The eggshell shaped design helps to distribute the pressure throughout the bar’s lower section, whilst the cable safely shields the wiring and other cables.  Tested and designed by computers, the towing bar only uses top grade aluminum used for the most extreme of conditions.  Plus the entire housing has a storage area and lock so you can put away your towing gear until needed.  In fact, the overall appearance of the gadgetry is pleasing, set inside a black metal casing with everything needed held in place by steel hooks that have been forged to give them additional strength.  Each cable has a vinyl type of coating which helps to prevent the chipping or scratching of the cable.

Roadmaster tow bars feature durable finishes in a powder dark grey, protecting the entire mechanism and inclusions against the weather.  The fusing of the paint through exceptionally high temperatures allows the coating to be three times stronger than regular pain.  However, what comes to mind about the Roadmaster towing bars is its benefits to you:

  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Prevention of corrosion
  • Smooth and easy operation
  • Extension choice of one or both bars simulataneously
  • Durable
  • Safe
  • Harness with four to six wires as needed by you
  • Ability to tow up to six thousand pounds or three tons of weight

Best of all, if you need replacement parts, brackets or the towing bars replaced, all parts are covered with extended warranties.  If for some reason you need more strength, you can always add on.  In fact, the installation of the whole assembly is so easy that a young child could do it because the instructions that come with the system are so easy to follow.  Regardless, the support that you get both with the system and from the customer service for the company that makes it value for money that is beyond compare.

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