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By: - Travel & Leisure - July 14, 2011
rick steves luggage practical and stylish travel

A lot of people love to travel with as much as they feel that they need.  That can become quite a large collection of extra socks, underwear, shirts, pants, shorts, personal hygene materials and shoes to name a few.  The trouble is, the suitcase independent of all of these needed articles is heavy enough to suggest that you feel like you’ve packed already whereas, you really haven’t!  The Rick Steves Luggage Reviews wholeheartedly claim that the Rick Steves Luggage collection is not only light weight and versatile in all sorts of baggage handlers’ hands, but it is innovative as well.  How so?  The Rick Steves Luggage Review shows that many people like to carry at least two different kinds of luggage – one for the articles that they’re taking along with them and the copious amounts of souvenirs that they’re bringing back.  The trouble is, the duties when you bring them back and the extra charges for overweight baggage.  With the elimination of bulky, heavy weight bags, you needn’t worry about pulling a muscle carrying the Rick Steves Luggage around or about the innovative compartments that are ideally suited for the discriminating traveler.  Each Rick Steves luggage has his own personal touch on it in that each piece was designed by the great traveler himself.  Who better to know about streamlined, successful traveler than a veteran of the airways himself?

For a quality, light weight product that will ensure the safety of your belongings, the Rick Steves Luggage Review ensures the fragile souvenirs for mom and the assurance of less hassles because of heavy baggage, is that the Rick Steves Luggage line is the lifetime you’ll spend with a quality product that will outpace the jet setting lifestyle you lead for years to come.

Photo: Rick Steves – copyright 2007, Andrew Bossi – reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 2.5 Generic, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:4733b_-_Gimmelwald_-_Mountain_Hostel_-_Rick_Steves.JPG

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