Richard Gere Gerbil

An Urban Myth Or The Truth?

By: - Celebrities - August 1, 2011
richard gere gerbil an urban myth or the truth

As the story is told, some years ago Richard Gere is said to have been admitted into a hospital with a gerbil inserted into his rectum causing him to need emergency surgery─ hence, the Richard Gere Gerbil.
Is there any truth to the Richard Gere Gerbil story?  It’s doubtful.  After years of ignoring the story, Richard Gere eventually denied it.

The Richard Gere Gerbil story has many versions.  In some the gerbil was dead; in others it was not.  Some say the gerbil was shaved and declawed before it was inserted.  Other versions claim the animal was Richard Gere’s pet gerbil.  Over the years the story has been stimulated through press releases and the invention of more than one comic gerbil claiming to have been the victim.   The gerbil as the chosen pet was used because of the claim that Richard Gere actually owned a pet gerbil at one time─ or because a gerbil is a small rodent animal.  Some say the ‘victim’ was a hamster.  Gerbiling─ as the gay practice of inserting something into one’s rectum has become known─ is not necessarily true in any case and has been applied to a number of famous men, suspected of, or known to be ‘gay’.

This story is in fact one of thousands of myths otherwise known as urban legends, urban tales or contemporary legends.  These urban ‘legends-myths-tales’ are said to have begun in the early 1980’s and are not always applied to urban areas of the earth.  The term ‘urban’ is used to differentiate from traditional folklore.  Many urban legends are stories complete with plots and distinctive characters.  As in old fairy tales or traditional folklore many urban legends are intended as cautionary or depict moral issues.  In recent years the internet has created a much easier venue to spread urban legends as well as too disprove them.  ‘’ is a good source to check the legitimacy of any urban legend or hoax.  Television shows such as ‘Urban Legends’ are used to reveal facts─ or untruths─ about many so-called ‘urban myths’.  The Discovery Channel hosts a show, ‘MytheBusters’, where urban legends are tested by scientific methods to prove or disprove their truth.

Richard Gere is a well known American actor who has stared in such movies as ‘Pretty Woman’, ‘Primal Fear’, ‘American Gigolo’.  He won a Golden Globe Award as Best Actor in the movie ‘Chicago’, along with a Screen Actors Guild Award.  .  He has one son with his current wife, actress Carey Lowell. He was married to supermodel Cindy Crawford from 1991 to 1995

Richard Gere is a practicing Buddhist and active supporter of the Dalai Lama.  A persistent advocate of human rights in Tibet, he is co-founder of the ‘Tibet House’ and creator of the Richard Gere Foundation.
In recent years Richard Gere has achieved negative publicity through his support of the Tibetan cause.  He has been permanently banned from entering the People’s Republic of China because of his support of the Tibetan Independence Movement.  In 1993 he was banned as an Academy Award presenter after he denounced the Chinese government.  In 2007 he called for a boycott of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in effort to pressure China to give Tibet its independence.

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