Rhinoplasty Recovery

What To Expect?

By: - Disease & Illness - February 14, 2011
rhionoplasty recovery

Your doctor most likely discussed rhinoplasty recovery time during your doctor patient consultations. There are no set rules, and recovery does vary between patients. Sometimes the rhinoplasty results are not what you expected. When this occurs, many patients opt for a revision rhinoplasty. Recovery between the two surgical types is similar.

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is designed to reshape your nose. You should expect some discomfort and pain following the surgery. Your surgeon may prescribe pain medication to lessen the discomfort. A general anesthesia is typically administered during nose surgery. Some patients experience upset stomachs once it wears off. A splint may be inserted into the nose during surgery. This is done to keep your reshaped nose in position.

Patients can expect bruising and swelling from revision rhinoplasty. A stuffed up feeling is typical during the rhinoplasty recovery. Still, you must not blow your nose during the first week of recovery. Decongestants may help, but you should ask your doctor for advice on this before you take them. It is also possible to experience black eyes from the surgery. Applying cold compresses such as frozen vegetables may relieve some of the black eye swelling.

During the first few weeks of rhinoplasty recovery it is necessary to sleep only on your back. Common sense dictates that your nose should not be disturbed during the revision rhinoplasty recovery period. If you wear glasses, consult with your doctor on how to wear them. Some surgeries only allow contact lenses to be used. This measure is designed to keep your nose free from stresses.

Most swelling during the rhinoplasty recovery period will have subsided between the first two weeks and one month following surgery. However, it can be one year for all the swelling to vanish. Therefore, a revision rhinoplasty is not advised for at least one year from the first surgery. Along with pain medication it is likely that your surgeon prescribed an antibiotic to fight infection. Should you develop a fever a visit to the doctor is needed.

There are some differences between a rhinoplasty and a revision rhinoplasty. First, the revision procedure itself takes longer than the standard rhinoplasty surgery. Further, the revision rhinoplasty recovery period is shorter. Plus, surgical packing is not usually needed during the revision surgery, making for an easier recovery. Most people are able to return to work in about a week after a revision.

Once the rhinoplasty recovery starts aspirin should be avoided. However, most surgeons advise taking in ample Vitamin C to aid in healing. Most doctors also advise to abstain from drinking alcohol for a minimum of 3 weeks following nose surgery. Your surgeon will likely give you complete written instructions for your postoperative care.

In summary, you should expect some pain following nose surgery. Rhinoplasty recovery varies between patients, however there will most likely be swelling and bruising. Patients usually must wait at least one year before undergoing a revision rhinoplasty. While a revision nose surgical procedure typically takes longer than the standard nose surgery, the recovery is usually easier and of shorter duration.