Repainting Wood Furniture

Learning The Art

By: - Home Improvement - September 21, 2011
repainting wood furniture learning the art

Many people have old, wooden furniture that looks great with the exception of the paint covering it, which has faded, chipped or fallen away over a period of time.  Repainting wood furniture will give the addend ambiance to fall in well with the surroundings within your home or office but there is a trick as to how to repaint furniture.  Below are some of the tips that will help you in repainting wood furniture to not only look great but professional too.

Repainting wood furniture is not as easy as it appears, if you want to keep the integrity of the aesthetics of the furniture item.  If there is an existing coat of paint over top of the furniture piece, paint over it.  This is like painting maintenance of your wood furniture.  But if it so happens that there are pieces of paint that are missing or there are chips in the surface, it will look like a rough patch of paint over the old and that is not good.   Many manufacturers or owners will have applied a laquer onto the wood which in time develops minute cracks.  You are best advised to remove that old laquer rather than simply paint over it as those small cracks will appear in the paint that you have applied.  If is at all possible to disassemble the furniture, do so.  In this way, you will not miss an inch of otherwise hard to reach areas and you can reassemble the furniture knowing that the paint job is flawless and all encompassing.

But just how to repaint furniture is not as easy as it seems.  There is some labour involved but the end result is perfection.  If you can and you have disassembled the furniture item, gently sand it down until the surface is devoid of old paint or lacquer and it is smooth.  Try to use a fine grade sandpaper for the task and then wipe down the wood, removing dust, sawdust and lacquer residue dust from the surface.  Brushing the wood with a light layer of primer in the direction of the wood grain, apply about one to two additional layers of primer in after letting each coat dry.  This may take approximately two hours or so. Sanding the primed surface to soften the surface and remove any dried drops of primer or dust that settled onto the wet surface as it dried.  Then repaint your furniture with about two coats of paint, letting each coat dry for about two hours in between.  The result is a furniture item that will look new and beautiful.

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