Remington Electric Shavers

A Must-Have For Any Man!

By: - Consumer Electronics - July 15, 2011
remington electric shavers a must have for any man

You’ve probably seen many commercials for Remington electric shavers and may wonder if they’re the right option for you, or for your man.  They’re a standard gift idea during the holidays and on other occasions and very popular with men, so obviously they have some sort of appeal!

Each man is different in what he prefers for his shaving and grooming needs so of course if your man prefers a blade, that’s his prerogative.  If you’re considering a new shaver for yourself you need to find what works best for your face, your skin, and your hair type as well.  However, don’t dismiss the idea of having a Remington electric shaver on hand and don’t assume that the one your father used is the same as what is on the market today.  Advances in their design and materials used make them more comfortable than ever, and you may see a closer and smoother shave than ever before.

So why try Remington electric shavers?  Why are they different and in many cases better for a man?  You may be surprised at the answers.  Here are some quick considerations to keep in mind.

Type of shave.

Typically an electric razor works by getting very close to the skin without cutting it, the way a blade does when you use this to shave.  A blade scrapes the hair to break it off, but also pulls a fine layer of skin with it.  This is why many who use blades find that their skin is drier and more irritated than with any other type of shaver.  Using a blade also means more cuts to the skin since it scrapes at it.

Anyone with sensitive skin would do well to try a Remington electric shaver as this type of razor cuts the hair very close to the skin without actually scraping the skin itself.  The metal covering over the top of the blade pushes the skin back so the hair stubble is exposed.  This means a man (or a woman as there are electric razors designed for women) can then shave more comfortably and doesn’t need to worry about so many nicks and cuts or skin irritation.

Materials Used For The Razor

In times past, some felt that electric razors were more uncomfortable because of the metal that was used to make this type of razor; it would often rub against the skin uncomfortably.  It was also very stiff and was difficult to use around the curved areas of the face.  A man might have felt like he would miss many of the smaller areas of the upper lip and around the chin when using an electric razor.

Today, however, electric razors are very different in their design and materials used.  The metals are thinner and therefore softer.  You may see them with three different blade areas that pivot and bend, which makes them easier to use around those curved areas of the face.  Today’s Remington electric shavers are therefore nothing like what was used in the past and a man may find they’re the best shave for him, especially if he has sensitive skin that irritates easily.

You may not be thinking of the convenience of an electric razor but consider how many men you may see shaving themselves while in the car on the way to the office.  While you never want to do anything that would distract you when behind the wheel, especially when on the expressway or during rush hour, the few minutes you spend at red lights can be all you need to give yourself a good morning shave or a touchup later in the day.  Try doing that with a blade and lather!

In some cases it may also be better to use your Remington electric shaver when you travel.  Restrictions on what you can and cannot bring with you on an airplane change constantly and are becoming more and more restrictive with those changes.  Blades are often prohibited, which means you may need to purchase a new razor when you arrive at your destination.  However, with an electric razor you can typically pack what you want and even use it more comfortably on a flight so that you arrive looking fresh and clean.

Again, you need to decide for yourself what is best for your own skin and its texture and sensitivity.  However, if you haven’t thought about an electric razor it’s time you gave it a try.  Your face may very well thank you!