Remarriage After Divorce


By: - Divorce - September 12, 2011
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Modern trends in the United States today alone show that more than half of those who get married will at some point separate and eventually divorce.  This is a staggering statistic and it opens up a veritable Pandora’s box in so many ways.  The modern world today is wrestling with its social and moral mores with respect to divorce and remarriage after divorce.  More importantly too is the impact of divorce on our children and effective co-parenting after divorce.

First, let us discuss the concept of remarriage after divorce.  Nearly half of those divorced in the United States today remarry at some point further on and of course, a portion of those divorced, less than half of the men divorced and a little more than half of all women divorced remain as such for longer periods of time and even permanently.  Because of separation of religion from the state, it is now easier for divorce`s to get remarried, however there is the conservative religious bible belt within America today the still lives by a fundamentalist observation to living by scripture.  Predicated on the staggering divorce statistics and the resultant negative residue that affects the lives of children, more focus has been put into place to address relationship issues between adults struggling within their marriage and the post divorce relationship that has to be maintained so that these parents can perform satisfactory co-parenting after divorce.

Through the use of professional counseling services, co-parenting after divorce is better able to address the issues surrounding the child’s mental health in relation to understanding the new living arrangements, new relationships that each parent will have with other men and women, and the difference of that new situation in relation to their understanding of meaningful relationships in general.  Remarriage after divorce entails a lot of understanding of new feelings, insights and perspectives as well, although there is not a mandatory counseling requisite for adults and undertaking professional counseling is optional.  Many religious institutions have pre marriage seminars in which the pastor or priest will hold discussions and group meetings with prospective couples to discuss the issues of living together and struggling together in today’s environment.  Surprisingly though, there are not a lot of mandatory counseling sessions required for parents and their children but it is recommended.  Difficulties that arise in schools will be one of the first areas that potential problems will manifest itself and the administrators will report this to the school counselor who in turn hold discussions with parents about the troubles and recommend parenting courses and counseling courses for their children.

Remarriage after divorce is a complex issue especially with respect to adequate co-parenting after divorce.  It is hoped that the newly divorced will address the confusing state of adult affairs with their children hand in hand with trained counseling professionals to allow the child as well as the parents to maintain a straight and level course to dealing with divorce, remarriage after divorce and effective co-parenting after divorce.

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