Remarriage After Divorce - Tips For Success

Remarriage After Divorce – Tips For Success

By: - Home & Family - September 9, 2011
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Remarriage after divorce can not only definitely happen, it can be highly successful for both men and women. Usually after ending a marriage, both sides will come out with lessons learned and a desire to find a relationship that really suits you. Statistics show that second marriages can be more successful than first marriages by about 25%. There are many tips for success, some more common sense than others, but if you are going to tackle remarriage after divorce, it is probably worth it to keep these tips in the back of your mind.

Remarriage after divorce can have some unique challenges, especially if you are a parent. Co-parenting after divorce has additional challenges as well. If you are remarried, have children and co-parenting after divorce if you do no other thing, do not talk down about your ex-spouse in front of your children. No matter how you feel about this person at the current moment, this is your child’s parent and you obviously loved and cared for this person at some point, so keep your true feelings about your ex-spouse to yourself. Be fair when co-parenting after divorce and encourage your ex-spouse to do the same, for the mutual love for your child or children.

For your new partner, in order to make this relationship more successful than your last, take a good honest look at why your last relationship ended and how your behavior impacted the end of your marriage. Make changes now so you do not repeat history. You should make sure you are totally over your first relationship before moving into a second and leave the negativity behind as you move into new territory with your new spouse.

You should understand your new spouse and make every effort to get to know them at every level before getting married. It would be an excellent idea to attend a few sessions of pre-marital counseling and any instruction you can take to learn effective communication.  Developing new routines and learning to be flexible can help your new marriage more than you would ever think.

Most importantly, you should take care of any financial or money issues before getting married. As the number one reason for divorce, finances should be discussed and you should take steps to settle or at least lay out a plan to each take care of your own financial health before entering a marriage. Working together with effective communication can help you enjoy a long, healthy marriage.