Reishi Mushroom Benefits

More Than You May Think

By: - Alternative Medicine - May 27, 2011
reishi mushroom benefits

It has long been said that there are many mushroom benefits, if you eat enough of them, for instance they are a good source of iron, and as such it is just one of the mushroom benefits especially for vegetarians.  Other mushroom benefits are perhaps a little less well known but they are very beneficial nonetheless.

The Reishi mushroom is said to be used solely for medicinal purposes, and not for cooking. This is possible due to the fact the mushroom is very woody and hard, not to mention that it is extremely better in taste. Unlike a lot of fungi or mushrooms, it is non toxic.  Both the Asian and Western communities have completed a lot of research on the reishi mushroom and all agree to somewhat different extents, that the Rieshi mushroom does indeed hold some health benefits.

For instance with the Reishi mushroom benefit, some people who are suffering from high blood pressure have found that by consuming Reishi mushroom can potentially lower their blood pressure. Although western medicine is somewhat slow to confirm this traditional eastern medicine have been promoting the reishi mushroom benefit for what could be up to hundreds of years.  There are a lot of studies around today that can confirm reishi mushroom benefits for things such as gut problems and other immune deficiencies.  If it is taken regularly enough, your body should soon be able to restore its equilibrium and start the healing process.

Many people who have had problems with chronic illnesses such a bronchitis and even AIDS have tried a lot of both prescription medicines and natural based medicines, and there are some studies that can confirm the benefits of the reishi mushroom in the form of defense for the immune system.  It is said that the mushroom helps defend the bodys emotional and physical systems.  Basically the Reishi mushroom is a vegetable very high in antioxidants that can act as protectors for the body and liver.  It is also said that the reishi mushroom has the ability to help eliminate free radicals from your body at the rate of approximately 50.4%.  People who are suffering with AIDS are often advised to take the mushroom benefits as it has the potential to raise the T levels in patients.  It also has the potential to stop the bad bacteria from growing and multiplying. This is a very good side effect or benefit indeed!

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