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Acne Redness

By: - Skin Care - September 13, 2011
reduce redness on face acne redness

If you are seeking alternative methods to medications to reduce redness on face, or even learn how to reduce redness from acne, there are some methods that can help.  In this article, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of each one and help you to decide which one might work best for you.

Let us first deal with how to reduce redness on face as how to reduce redness from acne takes a few more simple things to be successful.  The first thing you need to know is the cause of your facial redness.  This may be easier to assess by going to your family doctor, or alternatively you can look for a pattern of redness and see what things you did prior to your face going red.  This can help deduce the causes.  The second thing you need to know is how to prevent the redness on your face.  This can be done by  applying a halved white onion to the affected area, which not only draws out the infection of your acne, but sterilizes the area, reducing the need for the excessive blood flow to heal the infection and thus reduces the redness and swelling associated with having acne.  Another alternative is to use a natural form of antibiotic, including garlic, which can be applied the same way, directly onto your skin.  Third, you have to learn what to do if your face goes red and you cannot prevent it, but have to treat it.  You can use the same methods as spot treatments which usually work very quickly.  Alternatively, try steaming your face which will also get to the areas and deep within the skin rapidly, but be careful not to burn yourself.

Now acne can be a different matter when it comes to facial redness.  First step for learning how to reduce redness from acne is, as with how to reduce redness on face, find the causes.  Remember, check with your doctor and make your own observations for an overall picture.  Then discuss methods to reduce the redness, which usually involves treating the infection caused by acne and reducing the inflammation, which can be done sometimes without the use of medications, by using  simple vegetables from your garden or good old-fashioned steam, but ask your doctor’s advice first.  Then, learn what methods you can use to prevent this from happening again, including keeping up a regular regime of skin care, avoiding things that irritate your skin, avoiding covering your face, washing your hands before touching your face, not picking your acne and numerous other things.

Now that you have learned what the potential causes are, the methods for treating and how to reduce redness on face and how to reduce redness from acne, the chances are that you will not only feel better about yourself because your skin looks clearer and much more pleasant to look at, but you will have methods that do not necessarily involve spending money on medication to deal with these frustrating issues.  Remember, though, each person is different and what works with you, may be disasterous for someone else.

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