Puppy Chow Recipe Chex Another Human Snack Alternative

Puppy Chow Recipe Chex, Another Human Snack Alternative

By: - Home & Family - September 29, 2011
puppy chow recipe chex another human snack alternative

When you are deluged by a sudden influx of company comprised of old friends or a mob of children lead by your kids into your living room is leaving you scratching your head for answers when the topic of snacks drifts into the conversation.  The question that constantly nags at you – what can you make in quick time using simple ingredients around your home for those sudden and unexpected occasions?  When you rummage through your cupboards, why not consider the puppy chow recipe chex?

Do not feel insulted or dismayed that a solution as simple as stealing from your dog’s food dish is the answer that you are looking for when snack hungry guests arrive.  This kind of snack is not intended for dogs in spite of its suggestive title.  While it can be dangerous to feed chocolate to dogs, there is nothing dangerous about something so perfectly delicious that can get you out of trouble quickly and with little time too.  Through the use of simple crunchy cereal, covered with a blend of melted chocolate, peanut butter and vanilla, you can have a delicious snack in a matter of minutes once the concoction has cooled within your refrigerator.  You must let chex puppy chow cool before serving otherwise expect a chocolate mess on both your guests and in your home especially if those guest are rambunctious children!  Chex puppy chow is the crème de la crème of chocolate treats that few can turn from.  They are easy and quick snacks that you can snack on when your movie night comes about, or the boys are coming over for NFL Sunday.

Puppy chow recipe chex is a perfect chocolaty treat that is easy to create using such simple household items with no need to run down to the corner market for anything uncommon or exotic.  Chex puppy chow is the ideal treat that you can make often and at little expense for the unexpected visitors, or the game nights with the boys.  No matter what the reason, this is the ultimate in homemade simplicity in treats that will never disappoint.

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