Puppy Chow Mix Snack Alternative For People Not Dogs

Puppy Chow Mix Snack Alternative For People, Not Dogs

By: - Food & Beverage - September 29, 2011
puppy chow mix snack alternative for people not dogs

Whenever you have a large collection of kids around the house playing on the Wi or indulging in some late night studying together around the kitchen table, they, as every other teen ager will want some kind of sweet treat to indulge the senses.  There are literally hundreds of different ideas you can dream up to satiate the demands of these hungry kids; and while we cannot show you all of them, there are a couple that, you probably did not consider before and that is the puppy chow mix and the puppy chow chex mix.

From first glance you probably wonder why we would even suggest that you feed a common canine food to your children!  But when you consider that the delicious chocolate that is called puppy chow mix is anything but food intended for dogs.  The ingredients for this amazingly delicious puppy chow mix can be found right in your cupboards right this very minute.  There is nothing exotic about puppy chow mix other than the great taste of peanut butter, crunchy cereals and chocolate all rolled into one.  Again, this is a terrific treat that you can use for any occasions or light snacks while you watch your favorite television show or have some kids over to play games.  Another great tasting treat similar to the puppy chow mix is the puppy chow chex mix. Using melted chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla and butter, melt these altogether and then blend in the chex mix cereal.  The result is a slightly salty and sweet tooth delight sure to please even the most demanding and discriminating snack attacker.

The puppy chow mix and its cousin the puppy chow chex mix have that deceptive title puppy chow structured into the title but don’t let that fool you!  Chocolate is never recommended to be fed to dogs, and this chocolaty treat is no exception to that rule.  This is a humans only snack that has a funny title but in no way is intended for anyone but the sweet tooth in the family and the mob of neighborhood children who show up to watch their favorite cartoons with your kids.  Follow the easy to make recipes on the internet, then sit back, and enjoy.

Photo: chex mix – public domain photo – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Chex-Mix-Pile.jpg