Puma Clearance Shoes %E2%94%80 The Well Constructed Designer Athletic Shoe At An Affordable Price

Puma Clearance Shoes ─ The Well Constructed Designer Athletic Shoe At An Affordable Price

By: - Shoes - August 1, 2011
puma clearance shoes %E2%94%80 the well constructed designer athletic shoe at an affordable price

 Clearance sales are intended to diminish overstocked inventory at a discounted price that appeals to customers. A sign reading: Puma clearance shoes cause people to assume a Puma sale will include substantial discount for a manufactured shoe design sold world wide.

 Puma is a German-based manufacturer of sportswear shoes world wide.  Puma sponsors individual athletes and athletic teams in such sports as soccer.

Puma was created by Rudolph Dassler and his brother, Adolf in 1924.  In 1936 when the American track star, Jesse Owens, wore a pair of Puma shoes at the Summer Olympics Puma rose to greatness along with Owens who won four gold medals that summer.  Both brothers joined the Nazi party during World War II but somewhere along the line they fell into disagreement with each other and after the war did not reconcile.  Rudolf founded Adidas shoes in 1948.  Adolf founded another shoe company which he soon changed the name to Puma.  Puma gained even more fame when the soccer star Pele signed a contract to wear Puma shoes.  After Rudolf died his sons created what became the Puma Corporation in 1986. Rudolf died in 1974 and Adolf died in 1978.  The two brothers are buried in the same cemetery but with a wide stretch of ground between them.

All of the information in the above paragraph can be used in a positive manner to attract persons to a Puma sale.

Clearance sales make room for new stock or when one style is discontinued in lieu of another.  A sign for Puma clearance shoes automatically indicates the price of quality merchandise is being reduced to quickly sell an overstock or a diminishing style of Puma shoes.  The sign, Puma sale, indicates a wider variety of styles for sale and not necessarily of items going out of stock.

 There are many reasons for merchandise sales; seasonal changes and designer closeouts being just two.  Certain words to look for when attending sales tell what the sale is all about.  ‘Liquidation’, for instance, means all stock items are being sold because the company or store is most likely going out of business.  “Closeout’ sales indicate that certain items currently in stock are to be sold as quickly as possible.  ‘Designer Closeout Sales’ indicate that items of a certain company are being sold because the company is no longer going to manufacture that particular design.  All of these kinds of sales can greatly benefit the consumer because of the reduction in item price.

 No sale, even of Puma clearance shoes or any other designer item is successful without a marketing strategy.  Puma shoes achieved their greatest sales because famous people advertised they were wearing those shoes. 

 Another wise marketing strategy is use of the label.  Puma sales most always have the company logo in obvious sight as well as on their sales brochures.  The Puma Company was named for the Spanish word for cougar, Puma.  Its logo is unique as well the companies ‘formstripe’ design highlighted on their shoe styles.

Sales and marketing strategy must always work together just as profit and customer satisfaction must compliment one another.